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25 Cool Teens on Their Favorite Jeans

Photo: Archive Photos/Getty Images

Teens live in jeans (unless they wear school uniforms or identify as e-girls, in which case they’re almost certainly in pleated plaid minis). To find out where they — the undisputed arbiters of newness — are sourcing theirs these days, we asked 25 cool high schoolers and college students. While time-tested Levi’s were an overwhelming favorite, with eight mentions, there were some more unexpected inclusions, including denim from a mall brand that makes one girl, when wearing them, “feel like I can conquer the world.”

“My favorite jeans are the H&M Skinny High Jeans. They’re stretch denim with a high waist, zip fly, and slim legs. The high waist is super-flattering without looking awkwardly long, plus they’re comfortable and slender without being too tight. The fit makes them really easy to dress up or down, so they’re great for day-to-evening outfit changes. I wear them year-round.” —Janey, 19

“My favorite jeans are High-Waisted Mom Jeans from H&M. They’re so versatile and cute; I can wear them with practically anything. I wear them about three times a week.” —Holly, 18

“I can’t get over Hollister’s Vintage Stretch Ultra High-Rise Mom Jeans. I always hated jeans that weren’t skin tight — until about a year ago when I realized Hollister made more than just skinny jeans. Their mom fit is now the only thing I’ll buy. They give off that comfortable/confident vibe that makes me just know that I look good.” —Angela, 16

“In the last few years, I decided to try mom jeans. Now it’s the only thing I’ll buy. Currently my favorite ones are from Hollister.” —Michela, 19

“My mom used to dress me in Abercrombie & Fitch’s logo apparel as a tween, but I only recently discovered that their jeans are the most underrated denim on the market. I absolutely swear by their Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans and have them in every color — black, white, dark, and light-wash blue. They’re insanely high-waisted (they suck everything in) and they have the perfect amount of stretch, so you’ll feel comfortable all day. I wear them multiple times a week. Compared to other denim brands of similar quality, the price is incredible.” —Coco, 18

“I found my favorite pair of 501 Levi’s at a thrift shop, and they fit me perfectly! Finding a pair of jeans that are cute and that fit well has always been super-difficult. They are either too big on the waist or too short for my legs. These are perfect.” —Kiley, 16

“My favorite pair of jeans is any of the Levis that I’ve thrifted; I usually buy 501s. I feel like Levis are such a classic and, being a plus-size girl, these are the best fit for me.” —Gabi, 18

“I could have hundreds of pairs but I’d only wear one — my Levi’s. The cutest wash, best-fitting, and most comfy. I never want to take them off! It’s so hard to find jeans that perfectly fit my waist, and a pair of 501 Levi’s always wins.” —Mimi, 14

“My favorite pair has to be my Levi’s Ribcage Straight. They’re comfortable and fashionable and perfect to lounge in. I’d even sleep in them. They’re my soulmate jeans.” —Claudia Perez, 18

“I usually wear Levi’s; I tend to go for the Wedgie Jean, or any mom-style pair. I try to find ones that fit the waist but aren’t too tight on my legs. I love a baggier look, but not to the point where you feel like you’re drowning in denim.” —Lola, 16

“My favorite pair is either the Levi’s 550 or the Wedgie Jean. They’re very flattering in the hip and butt area. The reason I mention both is because the Wedgie are more of a crop length and the 550s are very long.” —Jessica, 18

“I like baggy, low-rise worker pants. I wear Levi’s 501 and 505, for sure.” — Fiona, 18

“When it comes to denim, I choose thrift over everything. One of my favorites is my mid-wash Gap Carpenter jeans. They give you the look of everything sold at Urban Outfitters without burning a hole in your pocket (even though I love BDG as well).” — Gwen, 19

“My favorite pair of jeans are the PacSun High-Rise Ankle Jegging. They’re comfortable and form-fitting, and they go with every outfit. I love that they are a little bit cropped, that way you can show the shoes you’re wearing.” —Cassidy, 17