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All the Best Labor Day Mattress Deals (So Far)

Photo: Leesa

Labor Day is just days away, and the Labor Day sales have really picked up — and among all of the Labor Day sales, mattress deals are always some of the best of the best. Almost all of our go-to mattress brands are offering serious savings on mattresses, including hundreds of dollars off top-rated models, and throwing in extra discounts on bed frames, sheets, and pillows, too. Not sure which one to pick? We suggest checking out our mattress guide. To level the playing field a bit, we’re featuring the prices of queen-size mattresses, but all of these mattresses are available in other sizes. And just about all of the best Labor Day mattress deals are live, so if you’ve been waiting to comparison shop, there’s no time like the present.


Allswell Luxe Hybrid

If you want to “float firmly atop the mattress instead of nestling in,” we’ve found this to be one of the best firm mattresses, which you can now get at 15 percent off with code STRATEGIST15. Allswell’s Supreme model is on sale as well (and if you are in the market for new linens, their bedding and towels are 20 percent off).

$548 at Allswell Home
with code: STRATEGIST15


The Aviya Mattress

Get $200 off the Aviya mattress, which we’ve said works for pretty much any sleeper looking for an innerspring mattress, using code STRAT200. If you tack on a foundation, Aviya will also tack on an additional $25 off.

$999 at Aviya Mattress
with code: STRAT200


Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado is known for its sustainably made sleep products, and it has plenty of deals on them for Labor Day, including $200 off any mattress with code STRATAVO. The company is also offering $150 off bed frames with code STRATBED, $400 off adjustable bed bases with code STRAT400, and two free pillows with the purchase of a mattress with code STRATPILLOW. And, if you are an essential worker, you can take an additional $50 off.


Bear Mattress
Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

With code STRAT20, you can get 20 percent off at Bear, which we’ve described as the best mattress for athletes. Choose between its three mattresses, adjustable bed bases and bed frames, and pillows. If you do buy a mattress from Bear during the sale, you will automatically get two free cloud pillows.

$640 at Bear Mattress
with code: STRAT20

Birch by Helix

Birch Natural Mattress

This “supportive yet plush” mattress that’s made of organic wool and eco-friendly rubber is $200 off with code STRAT200.

$1,299 at Birch
with code: STRAT200


Casper Original Mattress

Several of our writers and editors have slept on this Casper mattress, which speaks to the fact that it’s comfortable for just about everyone (except for hot sleepers). It’s moderately firm, “but cushy enough that collapsing into it at the end of the day felt like a reward.” And right now, you can take 15 percent off your order of a Casper mattress, and get 10 percent off of everything else with code COMFORT15.

$876 at Casper
with code: BLACKFRIDAY20

Cocoon by Sealy

Cocoon Chill

We’ve previously said that this mattress will eliminate any “roll-out-of-bed lower-back creakiness.” Not only does it ease back pain, it can all be yours for 35 percent off with code STRAT35.

$599 at Cocoon
with code: STRAT35

Eight Sleep


This high-tech mattress from Eight Sleep will automatically adjust the temperature of the bed, monitor your heart rate, and wake you up with a gentle vibration. It’s already $150 off for Labor Day, but with code AFF150, you can get an additional $150 off.

$2,795 at Eight Sleep
with code: AFF150


Helix Moonlight
Photo: Courtesy of Helix

Helix offers a wide range of mattresses for almost any kind of sleeper, but as we’ve written before, Helix mattresses tend to err on the soft side. You can take the sleep quiz to find the best fit for you, then use our code for a discount. With code STRAT100, you get $100 off when you spend $600 or more. With code STRAT150, you get $150 off when you spend $1,250 or more; when you spend more than $1,750, you get $200 off. With each tier of this deal, you also get two free Dream Pillows.

$899 at Helix
with code: STRAT100


Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Everything from mattresses to pillows to weighted blankets are already on sale at Layla. This memory-foam mattress is already $150 off, and with the code STRATEGIST, you get an extra $10 off. (It’s not much more than what you’d get without the code, but a discount is still a discount.)