mother’s day 2021

Mother’s Day Bouquets for Every Type of Mom (That You Can Order Online)

A flower for every mom. Photo: Farmgirl Flowers

Even the mom who asks that you buy her nothing will be pleased with a bouquet of flowers, whether it’s delivered in person with a (vaccinated) hug or ordered online especially if you won’t be able to see each other in person this year. But not all moms have the same tastes. While one mom might prefer a traditional bouquet of roses, another may want something a little more unique, or even something that’s not a floral arrangement at all (like a plant she can watch grow all yearlong). Fortunately, online florists have lots of different options, and we took the time to weed through their offerings and select the best of the best — for all types of moms.

Note: As we get down to the wire, not all of these arrangements will arrive by Mother’s Day. In those cases, we’ve noted the earliest delivery date for each bouquet, although shipping times may vary based on your location. Any flowers without a date below them will still get to Mom in time. But only if you hurry!

For the mom who appreciates a good deal

She’ll be very impressed that this lush arrangement of multicolored roses and lilies set you back only $50 — with a glass vase included.

Earliest delivery date: Tuesday, May 11

For the mom who supports small businesses

Available in most major metro areas around the country, BloomNation works by connecting shoppers with local florists. It’s a great way to find a totally unique bouquet and show some love to a small business in Mom’s neighborhood. If she’s in the New York area, for example, consider this elegant display of white roses, ranunculus, and anemones from Jersey-based Le Jardin Rose.

For the mom who likes it curated

Instead of having you scroll through hundreds of options, UrbanStems offers a rotating selection of seasonal bouquets as well as arrangements — like this one — created by Vogue editors.

For the mom who’s indecisive

If you’re not sure if Mom prefers candy or flowers, you can get both with this arrangement, which comes with a box of Neuhaus truffle chocolates.

Earliest delivery date: Monday, May 10

For the mom who wants it colorful

With pops of pink, purple, yellow, and orange, this bright alstroemeria bouquet will certainly brighten up her day.

Earliest delivery date: Wednesday, May 12

For the mom who thinks pink

If you do like having a zillion options, there is of course always good old, reliable 1-800-Flowers, which will supply these all-pink blooms in a pink-tinted glass vase for Mom, or pretty much anything else her heart desires.

For the socially-conscious mom

Founded during the pandemic, Postal Petals is a Black- and woman-owned company that has helped support domestic flower farms whose businesses suffered when events and weddings around the country were canceled. Like Petalled, these flower boxes come with loose stems for mom to arrange. This collection of snapdragon, larkspur, sunflower, and lisianthus feels especially cheery. If you’d rather shop local, Postal Petals also provides a directory of Black florists around the country.

Earliest delivery date: Tuesday, May 11

For the mom who lives on the edge

From $80

If you dare to move beyond the bouquet, for the more adventurous mom, Telefora offers more unique options like this modern, structural arrangement of white calla lilies, kale and galax leaves in a bamboo dish.

For the mom with a green thumb

If Mom’s caught plant fever, this pet-safe and low-maintenance parlor palm will be a nice addition to her collection.

Earliest delivery date: Ships in 2–6 days via UPS

For the mom who likes ’em simple

With proper care, this orchid can last up to two months, and in simple white, there’s no chance Mom will get tired of it beforehand.

For the mom who hates to say goodbye

Venus Et Fleur’s roses are real, but they’ve been dehydrated and preserved in such a way that they’ll last for up to a year — and look beautiful and fresh the whole time. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar told us she gifted a box to her mother-in-law.

For the mom who likes ’em fake (when you’re on a budget)

We’ve written about these silk peonies before, and though they don’t come with a vase or fake water, they’re still convincing dupes for the real thing. (Just be sure to give them to her in a nice vase.)

For the mom who likes ’em fake (but is also an aesthete)

Strategist senior editor Katy Schneider started noticing anthuriums popping up everywhere a few years ago. Since they can cost $20 per stem, she says they’re a great option to buy faux.

For the mom who likes ’em real (but preserved)

Blue larkspur, wispy stems, poppy pods, and brush twigs come together in this organic dried bouquet with a whimsical look. It’s handcrafted by a woman-owned team in Washington state and will last much longer than a fresh arrangement.

Earliest delivery date: Ships via UPS in 5–8 days

For the mom who likes to DIY

If she’s the type who likes to experiment in the kitchen, she’ll love growing her own microgreens (including a “super salad mix,” broccoli, and kale) with this windowsill-ready kit.

Earliest delivery date: Ships via UPS in 5–10 days

For the mom who’d like to eat her bouquet