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Ask the Strategist: Can You Help Me Find Vases for Spring Plants and Flowers?

In our advice column, Ask the Strategist, we take your most burning shopping questions and scour friends, call up experts, and draw from personal experience to answer them. As always, please comment with one of your own — we’re here to help.

Question: Now that it’s, hopefully, finally getting warmer on the East Coast, I’m starting to look for some vases for spring plants and flowers. Any suggestions?

In fact we do. While we’ve got this older post about vases that’ll make even the cheapest bodega flowers look great, I’ve collected some newer options below.

We’ll begin with this little ceramic pop of color.

Brightly colored flowers will really pop in this darker vase, that’s also made for a single stem.


Looks like a flask, but holds a surprising amount of flowers.

Or how about this twofer: a bookend and a planter.

This black-and-white ceramic bottle vase looks great with our favorite never-needs-to-be-watered flower, the billy ball.