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Even More (Still-in-Stock) Puzzles to Help You Fight Off Boredom

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We know, you’re bored. You’ve binge-watched everything, eaten all your quarantine snacks, and made at least one TikTok. If you’re looking for something else to do while social distancing that also gets you off your phone and laptop, we’re partial to puzzles. However, the current state of the Union has them flying off shelves faster than we’ve ever seen, so here, we’re rounding up some of our favorite puzzles — from artwork turned puzzles, to psychedelic designs, to puzzle bowls of ramen — that are still in stock across the internet and available to ship to your front door. If you see something you like, don’t dillydally: We can’t imagine these lasting long either (and though we’ll keep an eye on stock, availability is subject to change).

500-piece (and under) puzzles

Photo: areaware

If you’re looking for a challenge, Books Are Magic bookseller Margaret Myers says these gradient puzzles from Areaware are “very hard and fun, but might lead someone to some ‘Jack from The Shining’ moments, just due to the sheer repetition of it all.” Here is a set of two for double the fun.

You can also start with this solo 500-piece puzzle, if two gradients seem a little overwhelming.

If you want to start even smaller, here’s a mini 100-piece version.

This recycled-paper puzzle gives you an aerial view of NYC with precise instructions on what to do as soon as quarantine orders are lifted.

Choose the coordinates of wherever feels like home right now and have them turned into a 300-piece wooden puzzle. The velvet-pouch and book-inspired box packaging makes this double as not only a quarantine activity but a keepsake as well.

Send this to your friend who loves astrology and just binged Tiger King.

A fancy enough puzzle for the people still getting dressed up to go to their living room every day.

History buffs and news junkies alike will appreciate this customizable New York Times puzzle. You can choose any date to re-create, in 500 pieces, over and over again.

If the above seemed a little daunting, take a stab at this miniature version that’s just as mesmerizing but only 100 pieces.

In one order, you get a 100-piece starter gradient puzzle and a 500-piece doozie you’ll have on hand when you’re ready for a challenge.

Museums might be closed right now, but you can still support and experience the arts with this — admittedly chaotic and daunting — scene at the Met.

Editor’s Note: This puzzle is currently out of stock, but this 100-piece Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle will give you a taste of the museum experience.

1,000-piece puzzles

Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose. What more could you need right now?

One of the few remaining puzzles on Amazon is this Areaware-esque 1,000-piecer. This one might be even more difficult than the aforementioned gradient puzzle, given that the colors on each individual tile change depending on the way you look at it.

Editor’s Note: This puzzle is currently out of stock, but the equally challenging Clemens Habicht Vibrating Colors puzzle is available for the same price on Amazon.

Chacon said she would only gift this puzzle to “someone I sort of dislike, or a masochist who would really get off on the suffering this one may cause.” She says this 1,000-piece puzzle is particularly difficult because many of the pieces are the same color and it “was cut with only one shape — all innie-outies.” It took her three audiobooks’ worth of puzzling to complete.

Editor’s note: This puzzle is currently out of stock, but a similar version of it is available on Amazon for $17.

Nonstandard-shaped puzzles

This moon puzzle comes with the same single-color challenge of a few previously mentioned puzzles, but at just 100 pieces it’s more manageable.

Photo: Kendall Mills

At just 70 pieces, you can complete this ramen puzzle while you wait for your order of real ramen to be delivered from your favorite local restaurant.

Grabbing a quick 70-piece slice after your at-home happy hour can be the new way to do drunk food.

Why have one foodie puzzle when you can have an entire curated set? Choose between a series of Midnight Munchie puzzles, a collection of hors d’oeuvre, and much more.

Coming Soon is selling the same foodie puzzles as the ones above, but individually so you can piece together your own customized set.

These agate puzzles are pretty enough to frame when done, but given their computer-generated, oddly cut puzzle pieces, it will be a challenge to finish even though they’re under 200 pieces.

This mini 18-piece puzzle doubles as a reminder to be kind and conserve always — but especially during a global pandemic.

Firuzabad, but make it a 750-piece puzzle. Bonus: This curvy and colorful puzzle is also made of 90 percent recycled paper and is printed with nontoxic inks.

Editor’s Note: This puzzle is currently sold out, but MoMA Design Store can send interested buyers an email notification when it restocks in March.

Consider this can of soup an homage to all the canned goods you stocked up on.

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Even More (In-Stock) Puzzles to Help You Fight Off Boredom