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The Best Wi-Fi Extenders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We’ve written before about wireless technology — like mesh Wi-Fi systems, signal boosters, and routers. Here, we’ve rounded up the best Wi-Fi extenders as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Functional Wi-Fi has always been a necessity, but never as much as now, when many of us are working from home, often alongside roommates, family members, and kids streaming video games and TV shows.. It can be hard to stake out a quiet corner of the house to work, so when you do find one, it’s frustrating to also discover that it’s in a place your wireless signal doesn’t reach. Instead of buying a new router (or fighting for a different spot), you might want to consider a Wi-Fi range extender. Range extenders boost and retransmit your existing router’s signal, acting like a relay point to help get wireless service around common choke points in the home, such as thick walls and floors.

When looking for the right extender for your system, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the same manufacturer as your router, but it is a safe play. There are a couple other features to look for too: You want dual-band frequency, which means the extender can transmit both 2.4 GHz, slower signals that travel farther, and 5 GHz, which offer faster speeds but a shorter range. You also want something with multiuser, multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) support, which provides quicker communication between your device and your router.

One drawback of extenders is that most create a separate wireless network, so your device has to hop back and forth, and it doesn’t usually automatically sense which network offers the stronger signal. It can be a disappointing experience, in many cases, which is why, for better results, we recommend Wi-Fi mesh systems. They’re more expensive but do the work for you, constantly handing off the stronger signal to your phone. If you’re not interested in that type of investment, the Wi-Fi extenders below are a fine alternative.

Best-rated (and least expensive) Wi-Fi extender

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender

Reviewers love this device for its range and connection speeds, with many mentioning how easy it is to install. One person, who describes themselves as technologically inept, says it took less than five minutes: “I just plugged it in next to the router, let it do its thing and downloaded the app which is super simple to use and navigate. Typed in my password to connect to the network and off I went!” The performance does not seem to be inhibited by the number of users on your network. According to one reviewer, “We are a family of heavy WiFi users: TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. I did a speed test on the upstairs computer … The extender signal was twice as fast and did not require a separate password.” Another reviewer says this device paid for itself four times over with the time they saved not waiting for web pages to load. “I’m now drunk with power and options,” they say.

Best high-speed Wi-Fi range extender

“Signal strength around the house is stronger than ever. Speeds on all clients are crazy fast. Stability on 2.4 and 5ghz. is what it should be. I mean wow. where has this router been all my life,” writes one enthusiastic reviewer. Another says their internet connection speeds almost doubled based on their tests. “I wasn’t expecting a huge jump just a better connection but it was quite a jump. I am very pleased to let you know this product is working excellent for me and was not difficult by any means to set up.” And the signal travels far. According to another satisfied customer, “the signal reaches my garage which is a good 120 feet away. Now that is through three walls, one of which is brick.”

Best compact Wi-Fi extender

TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender Internet Booster

“I have something like 30 Wi-Fi devices in my home,” writes one reviewer, who was especially interested in finding a compact Wi-Fi extender for their work computer. “As a OneMesh system, the setup was ridiculously easy. ‘Not even worth commenting on’ easy. Signal/connection to the router has been strong through a couple walls and ceilings/floors.” Another reviewer says that their internet speeds were comparable to dial-up before picking up this device: “Download the app. Plug it in near your router so it pairs up, then move it to an outlet halfway to the dead zone. Bingo!!! Easy peasy. I’m thrilled!!!” Another reviewer likes how the installation app lets you change the extenders settings. “It has a power output setting, which is very useful to contain the extended signal to a certain area.”

Best Wi-Fi extender for big houses

Actiontec 802.11ac Desktop WiFi Extender

“Really, a child could do this,” says one reviewer. “Router and adapter live in the front room of the house and the extender is at least 70 to 80 feet away in a detached garage in the backyard. Wi-Fi speed test indicated maximum strength.” Another is thrilled at how everyone in the household now gets a strong signal: “It provides a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal that is very strong from the basement to the second-floor bedrooms. It also allows my DVD player and PS4 in the basement to be connected by ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. This is great because my kids’ gaming now does not suck up my Wi-Fi bandwidth.” And one reviewer even ordered another to cover his outdoor area, “It’s so great that I ordered a second one. It boosted my Wi-Fi signal to my Ring Video Doorbell 2 and my Ring Spotlight Cam (Battery) version.”

Best outdoor Wi-Fi extender

NETGEAR Orbi Outdoor satellite WiFi extender

Many reviewers say they bought the Orbi Outdoor Wi-Fi extender to help support the connection of their backyard ring lights. One customer says their floodlight was only producing a black screen when they opened up the Ring camera on their phone, but then, “I hookup the Orbi outdoor extender. Suddenly, no more black screen view, disconnection issues or weak signals anymore.” Another person, who placed their Orbi inside of a barn, says, “It was a cinch to get setup and running. Now all the devices in the stables and people in the pastures have WiFi access at almost the same speeds as indoors.”

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The Best Wi-Fi Extenders on Amazon, According to Reviewers