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What’s on Edie Parker Founder Brett Heyman’s Desk

Photo: Courtesy Edie Parker

How someone organizes their desk can tell you a lot about how they get work done. That’s why we’re stepping into the offices of enviably creative (and productive) people to look at what’s on their deskspens and notebooks and gadgets, but also décor and tchotchkes. Today, we’ve asked Brett Heyman, founder of the colorful accessories label Edie Parker, to show and tell from her office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

We’re a big color brand, so we were looking for office supplies that came in beautiful hues, and it was one way that everybody could express their individuality. So when we moved into the office — I think it was four years ago at this point — everybody picked what color Poppins they wanted for their desk, and even now, when someone new comes, they pick their own Poppin color. It’s fun, and their stuff is nice; it’s affordable.

Every time I’m at a store with my children — which happened yesterday, by the way — we always go to the arty section, and I’m always buying beautiful colored pencils and markers. And particularly now, all the gel ones and the metallics. They’ve really upped their game, these crayon-pencil people. I actually just color things in [for work]. I hand-drew the early bags for the first couple of years, and I am very limited in my drawing ability, so now we’ve outsourced that, but I just got in the habit of drawing patterns I wanted to make and coloring them in, and now, I can draw something and give it to a proper, talented designer who can use the computer. But I still have that habit.

That’s an Edie Parker malachite acrylic tray, part of our home collection. We started, really, with just trays that look like that and some boxes and coasters that were solid like that with clear edges, and now we’ve expanded the line to include a lot more home goods and a lot of home goods that look very much like the bag that have beautiful inlays in them. Also, you’ll see right next to that, the X’s and O’s, that’s part of our home collection that we have been expanding and playing with. We’re adding games to that, and everything is very much in the spirit of our bags.

Editor’s note: The exact green tray from Edie Parker is no longer available, since it’s from an earlier season, but this one has similar crystal-inspired detailing and clear edges.

Those small little Post-its, I’m obsessed with them. I put them in every book all the time, and I try to be organized by writing in a notebook, but I never remember to check my notebook, so I will mark it if I need it.

Another view of Heyman’s desk. Photo: Courtesy of Edie Parker

That white ball, it’s one of those lacrosse balls. I get tight shoulders all the time, so I very often just get up and jam my shoulder into that ball against a wall. It’s very helpful: shoulders, lower back, whatever. Really recommend.

That’s Frédéric Malle. Lipstick Rose, I love that scent. I’ve been wearing it forever, I don’t know why. It really smells, to me, like my mom’s lipstick in the ’80s. It’s this very perfume-y, lipstick-y smell, so I don’t know why I’m always drawn to it, for years now.

There is an essential oil there. I have bad allergies, I think that is an orange one. I have a lot of oils; I’m a big oil person. It’s from a yoga studio, this one.

I have a bar in my office. I bought this rattan bar up in Connecticut. I’m really into rattan and wicker. I have a secret, old lady–Palm Beach thing happening. So I have this bar, and it does have tequila on it, but mostly it’s used to store my olive oil, some old books, and salt because I pick up a Greek salad a lot for lunch, and I never feel like it has enough dressing, so I’m constantly sprinkling a little salt or topping off my olive oil. So instead of getting up and going to the kitchen, I got lazy and ordered my own.

It seems wild. [This case] is apparently very helpful when taking selfies. You can put it on a mirror or on a window. That is the point of it. We did not pioneer this technology, but we’ve been working with this cell-phone-case company for a couple of years now, they’re called Goo.ey. And we launched personalized cell-phone cases to mimic our personalized bags, and this is an early prototype that just arrived. I’m not a selfie person, not even a little — but not because I’m above it. Because I look so bad in selfies that it’s beyond me how anybody knows how to do it.

I’ll just shout-out the little astronaut and the burger. My son made those for me, so I just want to give him credit, I don’t want to take credit for his work, because they’re excellent. He’s only 7.

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What’s on Edie Parker Founder Brett Heyman’s Desk