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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It This Hypoallergenic Coop Pillow

Photo: Courtesy of the brand.

Years ago, on the Strategist’s recommendation, I bought two of these boxy, gel-filled Carpenter pillows (in jumbo firm) because the “back and side sleeper” combination really spoke to me.

You see, I’m not a loyalist to any one sleep position. I like to doze off supine on my back, roll over on my side when a leg decides “it’s had enough blanket, thank you so much,” splay out at a 45-degree angle with the pillow between my legs just because, and curl up on my stomach when I’m chilly. So I stay away from anything too prescriptive for one sleeping position — nothing angled or contoured or wave-shaped. What I really need is something that’s a little bit of everything: firm, soft, fluffy, and supportive no matter how my body chooses to recline.

My stint with the Carpenters was nice while it lasted, but they tended to feel a bit saggy and unsupportive over time. I didn’t know what I was missing until this quilted Coop pillow came across my desk. On the spectrum of airy, feather pillows and spongy layered foam (that’s supportive, but firm — very firm), its shredded memory-foam fill falls somewhere in the middle. The shredded texture means that it’s adaptable enough to auto-adjust to my sleep positions, evenly supporting my head no matter how I’m angled. And how comfortable: Sleeping on it feels like a warm hug for your head, cushy and soft. A year later, it’s still as fluffy as the day I got it.

We’ve singled out the pillow before as the best hypoallergenic pillow, too — which means that if you’re a neurotic type like me who Googles things like “Do dust mites bite?” or get sneezy around down feathers, you might take to its dust-mite-resistant, washable bamboo cover and “Certi-pur” fill that’s lacking in harsh chemicals. Should you be in the market for new pillows on Prime Day, I can’t recommend it enough. And if you don’t believe me still, let the whopping 15,000 glowing reviews on Amazon be your guide.

Full disclosure: I do not personally own one of these adorable beige iLife robot vacuums, but as a former robot-vacuum tester, I can confide that if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a robot helper this Prime Day (because honestly, 500-plus dollars for a vacuum is an investment, and many of the pricey Roombas are not worth your time), one of the best in the below-$200 price range is the iLife. It’s even cheaper this Prime Day, and this V5 model in particular we’ve called out before as the best robo-vacuum for mopping, so it’ll transition nicely from sweeping hardwood to mopping tile floors, wipe up all the icky bathroom-floor bits you’ve been avoiding, and do double duty if you have a small pet or child that likes to make a mess.

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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It This Coop Pillow