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What Miranda Kerr Can’t Live Without

Photo: Courtesy of KORA Organics

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hairspray and the electric toothbrush. We asked model Miranda Kerr — founder of beauty brand Kora Organics, which just launched its turmeric glow moisturizer — about the book, air fryer, and concealer she can’t live without.


I wear this every single night. It became a habit from all my years of traveling. Before I had my first child, Flynn, I was working six days a week in two different countries. I was flying more than a pilot. I had to sleep in different time zones all the time, so having an eye mask just really helped. I didn’t realize, until someone told me, that it’s important for your eyelashes to move when you’re sleeping: That’s why I like this one, which cups my eyes. My eyelashes can still flutter because it doesn’t push down on them. And it still blocks out all the light. When I put this on, everyone knows it’s time to say good night.

I’ve been dry-body brushing since I was around 18 years old. I do it every single day. This one just stimulates everything the right amount. Some are too soft and others are too hard. I love the way this brush feels. I even get an emotional benefit from dry-body brushing. As I’m brushing my body, I think about things that kind of weigh on me — like if someone annoys me or if I’m feeling frustrated — and just literally brush them away.

I keep dozens of rose quartz crystals around my house. I have about ten on my desk right now, in all different sizes. I find them very soothing and calming to have around. I hold them when I meditate and I can feel the energy.

Photo: retailer

This book transformed the way I think about food. Before I read it, I was feeling a little sluggish. I kept saying it was just because I’m a busy working mom. The book is all about healthy eating and knowing what to put in your body. I simplified the way I eat in a way I’ve never experienced. I start my day with lemon water at room temperature, then drink celery juice, then I have a heavy-metal detox smoothie made with bananas, blueberries, barley grass, and spirulina, which helps flush out any heavy metals that come from just being human and puts more nutrients in my body instead. My energy levels, digestion, and general health have all improved.

I’ve been using this concealer for years. Because it’s whipped, it’s really lightweight. But I actually put some of my face oil in the pot and use a brush to mix it up before lightly covering my face. Mixing it with the oil just gives this radiant glow; my skin looks a bit healthier than with just the concealer alone. I’m addicted to mixing it.

This is a really good juicer. I use it every morning to make my celery juice, which I got my husband to start drinking, too. When I first put celery juice in front of him, he looked at me like I had two heads. I told him to just try it for a week and see how he feels. Now he asks for it every day. It really helps with digestion and I swear by it now. All we needed was some celery and this juicer to transform our lives.

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I work with founder Mary Helen Bowers directly now, but I used to take her DVDs with me when I traveled. I would carry a DVD player to connect to my computer because it didn’t have a disc drive. The subscription is a little easier than that and makes the workouts more accessible for people who can’t train with her in person. It’s a great at-home workout. What I love about the routines is that you can really tone and sculpt your body while lying down. I’m a chill person and not really into strenuous exercise, but I like to feel the burn. With Ballet Beautiful, you can lie down on a mat in your own home and just follow her routine. Her whole philosophy is to target specific muscles. I don’t want to exercise my whole body at once. I like to focus on certain areas like my butt or thighs. She does these butt exercises — you lie down and put your knees up, then lift one leg up and down, then switch.

Photo: retailer

I do everything on my phone — emailing, reading, everything. There’s never time for it to sit and fully charge, so I bring this portable charger with me everywhere. I also use it to charge my phone at night. My house has a button that turns off all the electricity, except for the refrigerator. I like to just shut everything down, as if we’re going camping. So if I need to charge my phone at night, I use the Mophie because I can’t plug it into an outlet.

I got an air fryer because Cleanse to Heal’s author Anthony William recommends doing so in the book. This one is very easy to use and quick. I use it to fry potatoes: We eat potatoes every day, for either lunch or dinner. They get a bad rap, but don’t be afraid of them. They’re really, really good for you. I put thinly sliced potatoes into the air fryer to make chips for the kids, too. There’s no oil involved, but they get just as crispy as when they’re fried in oil.

I designed this moisturizer to be the most luxurious experience for the skin and senses. It’s certified organic and it produces real results — I don’t put anything on my skin unless it’s going to give me the results I want. This is super nourishing, but brightening and anti-aging at the same time. It is formulated using liposome technology, which are tiny little bubbles that activate when you rub the product in. When they burst, the active ingredients — turmeric, licorice, and noni — are released all over the skin. You really see an instant glow. It’s good for all skin types and infused with rose quartz and citrine, which also inspired the product’s refillable packaging. It comes in a beautiful jar you can keep on your counter and, when you run out, you can buy refill pods instead of a new jar.

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What Miranda Kerr Can’t Live Without