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We Turned Our Most Iconic Covers Into Posters (and They’ll Make Great Gifts)

Here at New York, we’ve long wanted to find a way for our readers to own some of the iconic covers and visual jewels that the magazine has created over its 50-year history. So we started a few months ago by bringing you the book. Then we collaborated with the streetwear brand Only NY to print a few select images and illustrations on T-shirts and merch. But there was still a demand for prints. Just this past year, when we published a eulogy for the New York City diner with Bobby Doherty’s photograph of Neil’s Coffee Shop (which ran uninterrupted over four pages), the magazine was inundated with requests for prints and posters. So we decided to partner with, an online art marketplace. The partnership begins with our holiday 2017 collection, including ten classic covers (six vintage, four relatively new) and those three posters: the famous Nixon Eggplant (1973), the epic Pastrami Olympics (1973), and the overflowing Neil’s Coffee Shop (2017). Prints start at $40, and we expect to add to the collection over the course of our anniversary year.

We Turned Our Most Iconic Covers Into Posters