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29 Splatterware-Enamel Things You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Though it made the transition from frumpy camping gear to a fixture in European design shops and Anthropologie a few years ago, splatterware is arguably more trendy now than ever. Splatter enamelware combines the best features of two of this year’s most enduringly trendy materials: the durability and feel of brass with the random, unique patterns of marble. But unlike either brass or marble, splatterware — sometimes known as swirled or marbled enamelware — comes in a rainbow of bright, bold colors, making it the ideal affordable dining-room accent for any decorating scheme.

Splatter enamelware is also practical — good as everyday tableware, cookware, and general kitchen décor — not just a one-off accessory. It’s easy to clean like ceramic, but shatterproof like plastic, and since it’s produced by baking shards of porcelain onto steel at a superhigh temperature, enamelware is oven-safe, fire-safe, and dishwasher-safe (but not microwave-safe because of the metal, so don’t make that mistake).

We’ve recommended blue splattered-enamel tumblers and a red marbled-enamel bowl on the Strategist before, but those are the basics. If you’re ready to fill your home with the brightest cheap but expensive-looking gear out there that’ll last a lifetime, there’s a whole kitchen’s worth of different splattered-enamel tableware that are available on Amazon. Here are some of our favorites.

For something slightly more subdued, try this muted taupe swirl.

Use this percolator-style coffeepot to make coffee on an open flame or on your kitchen stove.

This teakettle is just as charming, but it doesn’t whistle.

A matching set of four enamelware tumblers, with a unique burgundy-and-cream colorway.

And if your next dinner party happens to be massive, here’s a 15-quart splattered-enamelware drink dispenser.

This pitcher is specifically meant for measuring liquids. And unlike a more traditional glass measuring cup, this one won’t shatter if you drop it while cooking.

This lightweight speckled dinner plate would look as appropriate on your dining-room table as it would at an outdoor picnic.

Same goes for these enamelware bowls, in an unusual navy-and-cream pattern.

This platter is oven- and stovetop-safe, which means you can use it to keep your food warm before your guests arrive and serve your food on it when they do.

It would be fun to serve appetizers or hors d’oeuvre (like cubes of cheese) on this square yellow splatterware platter.

This blue-and-white splattered serving bowl is the right size for snacks.