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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Foodie Mom

Finding the right gift for a mom who likes to cook can be tricky. You want to give something that’s unique and looks beautiful on her kitchen counter, of course. But it should also be practical, something she’ll use often — though not something she already owns. To help you find the best Mother’s Day gift for a mom who likes to cook (or eat, or drink, as the case may be), we’ve tried to come up with kitchen gift ideas for every type of foodie mom, from the health-obsessed to the dessert-loving.

For the mom with a sizable cookbook collection

Yamazaki Home Cookbook and Tablet Stand
$22 at Goop

This simple but stylish cookbook stand will let her keep the pages of her cookbooks as smudge-free as possible in the kitchen.

For the mom whose bake sale treats are stuff of legends

Anthropologie Pippa Set of 4 Measuring Cups
$28 at Nordstrom

These green-and-white porcelain measuring cups are beautiful enough to leave lying around on the counter, even when she’s not baking.

For the mom who loves breakfast

Anne Black Bloom Egg Cup
$18 at Goop

These porcelain egg cups come in a variety of colors, including pink, green, and white, in addition to this classic white-and-blue striped version.

For the mom who loves dessert

Mosser Glass Pink Glass Cake Stand
$82 at Goop

A powder pink glass cake stand is the perfect platform for showing off baked goods.

For the mom who loves cheese

Anthropologie Karala Pinewood & Marble Cheese Board
$50 at Nordstrom

This half-wood, half-marble cheese board will let the Brie, blue cheese, and Camembert shine. (It’s also on sale, right now, for just $50.)

For the mom who loves chocolate

Nostalgia Electrics Chocolate Waterfall Wall Fountain
$60 at Nordstrom

Is a chocolate waterfall over the top? Yes. But she can use this gadget to cover any treat she wants in chocolate, which makes it versatile in its own way.

For the mom learning to make her own pasta

Fante’s Grandpa Dante’s Ravioli Form
$20 at Bed Bath and Beyond

A mold to help her shape and fill ravioli from scratch.

For the mom learning to make her own poké bowls

Kai Wasabi Black 8.25-Inch Yanagiba Knife
$35 at Bed Bath and Beyond

There’s no better gift for a wannabe sushi chef than a brand new, sharp Japanese knife.

For the mom who’s famous for her homemade pizza

Pizzacraft Cordierite 14.5-Inch Round Glazed Pizza Stone with Handles in Red
$40 at Bed Bath and Beyond

This bright red ceramic pizza stone will help her homemade pizza crusts get crispy.

For the mom who’s famous for her actually-delicious casseroles

Le Creuset Signature 22-Ounce Rectangular Baking Dish in Marine
$32 at Bed Bath and Beyond

A Le Creuset enamelware baking dish is both hardy enough to put in the oven at high temperatures and attractive enough for serving.

For the mom who loves her Instant Pot

Genuine Instant Pot Mini Mitts
$7 at Amazon

Any Instant Pot–obsessed mom will appreciate a pair of silicone mitts to help her better get the inner pot out.

For the mom who’s an Alice Waters acolyte

Rome Industries Pudgy Round Pie Iron in Cast Iron
$17 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Alice Waters’s original egg spoon is still sold out, but you can give mom a cast-iron pie iron in which to cook her egg over an open flame. According to writer Tamar Adler, it works just as well.

For the mom who visits her local farmers market every Sunday

Filt Large Net Bag — Natural
$22 at The Line

A classic net bag to hold all her spoils.

For the mom who buys too much at the farmers market every Sunday

Bee’s Wrap - Assorted 3-Pack
$18 at Amazon

This reusable, washable, and compostable food wrap is made with beeswax and can be used to keep cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread fresh.

For the mom who believes in the health benefits of honey

Creative Co-op Ceramic Bear Honey Pot
$25 at Nordstrom

A ceramic bear-shaped honey pot for a more stylish (and plastic-free!) take on the honey bear from the grocery story.

For the mom who’s trying to eat more vegetables

Chez Panisse Vegetables
$22 at Amazon

If your mom is trying to eat a more plant-based diet, give her a vegetable-focused cookbook that’ll make it less intimidating — like Chez Panisse Vegetables. Vegan baker and author Clara Polito calls it “the most resourceful vegetable-cooking dictionary.”

For the mom who’s trying to drink more water

kikki.K Carafe & Glass Set
$30 at Nordstrom

This carafe set with pastel pink stripes and gold trim would look handsome on either a bedside table or an office desk, and would be a stylish reminder to drink more water.

For the mom who’s already well-hydrated

Anthropologie Jardiniere Infuser Water Bottle
$34 at Nordstrom

This travel water bottle is made of glass and has a built-in infuser basket, which can be filled with coffee grounds for cold brew, tea leaves, or even some pieces of fruit to add a bit of flavor to her water.

For the mom who drinks coffee

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro
$200 at Bed Bath and Beyond

This coffee grinder from Breville is a little splurge-y, but according to Mike Jones, director of retail at Variety Coffee Roasters, it’s “easy to use, easy to clean, and is a worthwhile investment if you want to dramatically improve the quality of your coffee at home.”

For the mom who drinks tea

Trendglas JENA German Glass Water Kettle
$35 at Goop

This glass tea kettle is heat-resistant up to 845 degrees Fahrenheit, so your mom can use it to boil water, as well as brew and serve her favorite tea.

For the mom who drinks kombucha

Mortier Pilon Kombucha Brewing Jar
$59 at Goop

This “fermentation crock” is designed to brew effervescent kombucha, a good gift for a mom who’s willing to do a little science experiment in her kitchen.

For the mom who’s trying to get her probiotics

Yogurt (Short Stack)
$14 at Amazon

This love letter to yogurt from cookbook author Molly Yeh is filled with yogurt-forward recipes, including blueberry-labneh scones and a yogurt pita bread.

For the mom who keeps a well-organized pantry

Bodum Classic Storage Jar
$15 at Nordstrom

This airtight glass storage container with a gold lid is the ideal size for a pound of coffee beans or cookies.

For the mom who only drinks fine wine

Zalto Hand-Blown Universal Wineglass (Single)
$59 at AHAlife

A sommelier-approved wineglass that’ll make any type of wine taste better.

For the mom who drinks any wine, as long as it’s chilled

BIDK Home Marble and Brass Single-Bottle Wine Cooler
$68 at Goop

This handsome marble and brass wine cooler will become the centerpiece at your mom’s next book club.

For the mom who likes to savor her bottles of wine

VacuVin Wine Server & Saver Set
$20 at Bed Bath and Beyond

According to sommelier Eric Tschudi, this wine stopper “has been around forever for a reason. While I wouldn’t recommend it for sparkling wines, the pump that’s included with it to get the wine-killing oxygen out of the bottle helps keep still wines fresh for days.”

For the mom who cracks open a cold one

Kikkerland Design Dog Bottle Opener
$15 at Bed Bath and Beyond

This dog-shaped bottle opener will replace the mishmash of wine keys and miscellaneous openers currently taking up space in her drawers.

For the mom who’s getting really into cocktails

Nordstrom at Home 4-Piece Stainless Steel & Wood Bar Set
$59 at Nordstrom

This set of wooden bar tools will look handsome on a counter, even if her cocktail-making becomes less frequent.

For the mom who seems to have everything

Thermapen Mk4 Thermometer
$79 at Thermoworks

A $99 digital thermometer might seem excessive, but this instant-read thermometer will delight a home cook who already has every other kitchen gadget.

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Foodie Mom