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The Best Base Layers for Outdoor Dining, According to Outdoors Experts

Photo-Illustration: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty

After a brief stint of allowing indoor dining with reduced capacity, New York City has once again limited restaurants to outside service, takeout, and delivery in response to rising COVID-19 rates. While eating alfresco was lovely during the summer, now that it’s cold out, it’s a bit of a different story — one that involves more preparation and much warmer clothes. You could go the extreme route and put on a wearable sleeping bag, like Strategist writer Kayla Levy, or for something a little less noticeable, take a hint from winter athletes, who rely on base layers to stay warm even in extreme weather.

Ira Rosh, divisional merchandise manager at Paragon Sports, says these close-fitting tops and bottoms worn underneath your outfit are designed to trap warm air near your body and wick away any moisture that might accumulate if you sweat. Rosh says to look for wool, silk, or synthetic base layers. Unlike cotton, these materials pull moisture away from your skin to keep you from feeling cold and damp. “We semi-joke that ‘cotton kills’ because if you get wet it’s not a good plan,” Rosh says. Read on for a breakdown of each materials’ benefits, along with pieces recommended by Rosh and other outdoors experts. Then toss them on under a warm sweater and pants, top it off with your warmest jacket, and continue supporting those local restaurants (comfortably).

Best wool base layers