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The Best Beard Brushes, According to Grooming Experts

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It’s easy to write beard brushes off as another not-so-necessary grooming tool, because you might think you already have a comb or a brush or hands you can use to groom your facial hair. But we spoke with some very experienced beard experts — barbers and grooming gurus, many of whom sport beards themselves — and they told us that, in fact, beard brushes can make a big difference, because they are designed specifically to tame often coarser facial hair. According to them, a healthy brushing can quickly transform a messy beard into a smart and well-groomed one. “It’s an essential tool for keeping the beard looking smooth,” says Chad Beightol, the owner of men’s grooming boutique Consigliere. “If you think of beard hair like head hair, it takes a little bit of effort to keep everything in place. Beard brushes allow you to get all of the hair going in the same direction and keep flyaway strands from poking out.”

In addition to smoothing wayward beards, the experts told us that beard brushes exfoliate hard-to-reach skin beneath a beard, and they also help “spread the natural oils of your skin and facial hair,” according to Tony DeAngelis of Brooklyn’s Blue and Black barbershop. DeAngelis adds that a brush can also help evenly distribute any sort of beard oil or beard balm throughout your beard: “Using a brush daily with a few drops of a good beard oil will do wonders for a scruffy beard.” In order to find the best beard brushes, we asked Beightol, DeAngelis, and six other beard experts for their recommendations. Read on for their favorites.

Best overall beard brush

If you’re shopping for a beard brush, all of the experts recommend going for one made with boars’ hair. As Beightol explains, boars’ hair “has the right strength for facial hair, and the texture of boars’ hair will help to distribute oils in the beard.” Kent’s U.K.-made boars’ hair beard brushes came recommended by four of our experts; the brand makes them in a variety of shapes and sizes, but three of the pros specifically mentioned this smaller brush with a handle. “I really love this beard brush,” says DeAngelis, adding that the smaller brush head allows “better control and detail when styling your beard.” Barber Angelo Ruscetta is another fan of the company, and told us that “Kent makes an awesome beard brush. They’re expensive, but they’re the best.” He likes the ergonomics of this brush’s handle, and says that its angled bristles are “made to glide through the hair.”

Best beard brush for short beards

While the premium-priced Kent brushes were the most recommended by the pros, the second-most recommended beard-brush brand was Zeus, endorsed by Beightol and Xavier Rodriguez of Fellow Barber Soho. According to Beightol, “Zeus makes some of the best beard brushes around and they’re very popular with bearded guys. The quality and price are great.” When picking a beard brush, the two most popular options are smaller brushes with handles, or larger “military-style” brushes that are either rectangular or oval-shaped. You’ll also need to choose between soft or firm bristles. “Picking the right one is dependent upon the thickness and fullness of a beard,” explains Beightol, who says that a “softer-haired” brush like this one is ideal for “shorter or thinner beards.” And if you’re wondering if there’s really a need to use a brush with short beards, Gary Priore, founder of New York Beard & Company, told us it can still make a difference: “Brushing always helps, even with a short beard. It helps you take away dead skin cells and helps stimulate the follicles of hair which actually can help promote growth.”