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The Best Trampolines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Now that the weather’s warming up, an outdoor trampoline is a great way to keep the little ones (or big ones) entertained. And while we’ve written about lots of toys for kids before — including the best water tables for kids, the best creative toys for kids, and the best toy kitchen sets — here, we’ve rounded up the best trampolines, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 5-Foot Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Nearly 8,000 reviewers give this five-foot-wide trampoline a five-star rating, especially those with small children. “After this bad boy is assembled, your kids will all try to crowd in at once to jump,” writes one reviewer. But fair warning: Though it can comfortably accommodate two children with a combined weight of 100 pounds or less, it is safest (and most fun) for one kid at a time. That same reviewer’s three kids “all squeezed in and starting jumping. It supported their weight, but it wasn’t all too much fun because it didn’t leave any of them room to maneuver,” they explain. Since it can be used both outdoors and indoors, reviewers find this 60-inch model to be just the right size for moving from the backyard to the living room and back, weather permitting. That’s why one parent calls it the “coolest thing to get your toddler. If the weather outside doesn’t permit outdoor fun, this thing is the best.” It’s also nice for kids who may have been struggling with too much screen time, thanks to remote schooling. “She has it in her bedroom and when I want her to exhaust some energy I tell her to go jump on her trampoline. She’s been playing on it everyday for the past 3 1/2 months.”

Best (less-expensive) trampoline

“Deserves more than five stars,” writes a thankful parent, who says that this under-$100 three-foot trampoline “has lasted through two jumping toddlers and provides a perfect release for pent up energy.” Another calls it a “godsend” for her “little guy,” explaining, “He has gotten a lot of use out of it and it was well worth the money we paid for it.” A few mention this might not be sturdy enough for rather rambunctious jumpers, but it’s easily addressed, according to one reviewer: “Physics being what it is, my athletic 32-month-old grandson immediately starting tipping the rear when he leaned into the bar. Roping 50 pounds of barbell weights solved that.” One parent appreciates her kids “are never in danger of flying off of the toy accidentally.” And this mom’s daughter loves it so much that she “won’t stop jumping. I have to tell her to take drink breaks.”

Best eight-foot trampoline

This trampoline is eight feet wide, which reviewers say is the “perfect size” for small backyards and those with two kids. “This trampoline is perfect for our micro sized backyard,” one such reviewer begins. “My kids are seven and four, and they have plenty of room to jump around on it.” Her husband was able to assemble it himself within an hour, and since it’s so low to the ground, they don’t have to worry about their kids climbing up or down — or falling off. “I definitely recommend this to anyone with less space, or that doesn’t want a full sized trampoline.” And because it’s so small, it’s easy to move around the yard, according to another reviewer. “I was a little scared this would be too small [for my four-year-old] but it really is the perfect size. It’s easy to pull around when you’ve got to mow the lawn — that was the biggest reason we wanted a small one, I can drag it around by one hand,” they explain. And not only that, it’s plenty durable: “It’s withstood some serious storms and remained in one piece.”

Best ten-foot trampoline

“Just right,” writes one parent on the size of this ten-foot trampoline. “The boys have plenty of space to bounce but it doesn’t consume my whole yard.” But the relatively small footprint doesn’t mean it can’t satisfy larger families. As one parent writes, “The size of the 10 foot trampoline is doable for our family of five. Quite often we have ‘family jump time’ in the trampoline and all five of us (our kids are seven, five and two years old) are in there at the same time having fun.” Another reviewer says that playing on this trampoline has become her kids “go-to activity,” adding, “In these five months, not one day has gone by where the kids have not been jumping in this thing.” Many even think the assembly was easy, like one who concludes, “For the money, you absolutely cannot beat this trampoline. My husband assembled it by himself in about two to three hours, and since I heard very little swearing I assume it was fairly easy to put together.”

Best (less-expensive) ten-foot trampoline

SereneLife 10-Foot Trampoline with Net Enclosure

“Love this for our two little ones,” one reviewer writes of this more affordable, ten-foot-wide trampoline. “It’s the perfect size for 1 adult and 2 kids. The materials seem extremely high quality, and the trampoline is not flimsy at all.” It took them and their husband two hours to set it up, “but we’re not the handiest pair,” they add. And now that it’s set up, “I love the netting as I feel comfortable and safe letting them bounce alone. I can’t keep my kids off.” And dozens of other reviewers mention just how perfect the ten-foot size is. “We ordered this right before quarantine and what a life saver it has been,” says another parent. “It’s big enough for my two kids, ages six and four, and my husband to all jump with plenty of space.”

Best 12-foot trampoline with basketball hoop

Over 3,000 reviewers give this 12-foot trampoline a five-star rating, dozens of whom cite the basketball hoop as a favorite feature. “It’s nice to have the basketball hoop in it for a little extra fun,” writes one parent, who also appreciates that “the net is on the inside so the springs are not exposed so there is no chance of the kids getting hurt or pinched or anything.” And though several parents were “nervous” to get a trampoline for their families, lots of reviewers think this is actually one of the safest options available. “The safety and comfort of the enclosure exceeds my expectations. I’m not nervous at all with my three and five-year-olds playing.” Another originally skeptical reviewer also loves “the design for our young kids,” concluding, “The net is attached directly to the jumping surface, not tied on outside the springs. This keeps the springs completely inaccessible from the inside of the trampoline. And the basketball hoop is a fun bonus.”

Best 12-foot trampoline


Over 100 reviewers describe this 12-foot trampoline as “easy to assemble,” including one parent who even found assembly “actually fun,” with their 12-year-old son. “It was easy. It was a bonding experience for mom and son. The instructions were clear and allowed me a perfect experience for teaching my know-it-all kiddo that following a PROCESS is valuable. There is REASON for not attaching all of the springs in a willy nilly fashion,” they write. And even though it’s so easy to assemble, reviewers find it exceptionally sturdy. “With pretty much EVERY single camp, program, and aftercare situation canceled this summer, we were desperate for a distraction that my kids would use daily with or without friends. Enter the greatest backyard toy in the history of my existence,” one such parent begins. The parent weighs 230 pounds “and can bounce to my heart’s content with nary a worry,” and when their children jump — who are “350 pounds give or take” altogether — there’s “no problem with the sturdiness. It’s VERY solid indeed.”

Best gymnastics trampoline

Parents with budding gymnasts purchased this for their kids to practice on, like one who thinks “spending the extra money on the rectangular version was well worth it” for her daughter. Another owner agrees that the “wider space” gave her granddaughter more room to practice. One reviewer even boasts that her daughter “has learned several new gymnastics flips to show off to her gymnastics center.” However, parents without gymnasts also bought this and appreciate the extra space. One parent, who thinks this rectangular trampoline is “so much better and safer” than the traditional round options, writes, “You can’t steal another’s bounce as easy and the kids can jump on opposite ends at different rhythms and not affect each other because of how the springs are positioned and the way the mat pulls. With a round trampoline if someone jumps hard in the middle, anyone else jumping or sitting towards the edge is immediately thrown into the middle, causing more accidents, it doesn’t pull like that on the rectangular shape.”

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The Best Trampolines on Amazon, According to Reviewers