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Glossier’s Milky Oil Is the Only Thing That Got My Stubborn Fenty Eyeliner To Budge

Photo: Rio Viera-Newton.

When Glossier first launched their eye-makeup remover, I didn’t think I needed it. The packaging, as always, was adorable, but I already had my go-tos: my trusty Then I Met You cleansing balm had never failed to quickly and effectively melt my makeup off, and anything it didn’t catch I washed off with some Bioderma micellar water, applied with a cotton pad or Q-tip.

But then I tried Fenty’s Flyliner. Don’t get me wrong, I love this liquid eyeliner very much — it doesn’t tug or pull when you’re applying it, it’s the most perfect jet black, and it stays put all night long. I would even go so far as to say it’s almost as good as my two most favorite Stila liners. The trouble is that it’s seriously a bitch to take off. My Then I Met You barely made a dent in my Flyliner cat-eye and my Bioderma just got rid of the edges. I had nothing in my cabinet that would take it off, and, for a moment, I genuinely wondered if I would have remnants of this liner on my eyes forever. Panicked, and looking an awful lot like a sad clown, I texted my sister to ask if she knew of anything that might get it off. “Don’t you have Glossier’s Milky Oil?” she replied. No, I told her, I didn’t. I rushed over to her house, gave her bottle of Milky Oil a good shake, and squirted it onto a cotton pad. In just two swipes, all of the eye makeup was gone. I didn’t have to pull or rub — just a couple of gentle swipes, and the makeup washed away. I was shocked.

When it comes to taking off foundation, blush, and anything else on my face, I still use my cleansing balm and Bioderma. But for absolutely any eye makeup, I now immediately reach for my Milky Oil, which I bought the very evening of my Fenty Eyeliner Emergency. The light, watery formula can take off anything from a touch of mascara to a glossy, bright-blue lid in literal seconds. A lot of makeup removers make my eyes feel goopy and squinty and weird, but I’ve never had that problem with this little gem. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super travel friendly! If you’re a person who likes wearing eye makeup and you don’t own this $12 product, I’ll say to you what my sister so kindly said to me: “Oh. Weird.”

My typical makeup remover

Rio considers the Bioderma one of her standbys: “I don’t know what it is about this product, but not only does it take all of my makeup off, it actually does a great job of soothing my skin, especially after a night out. I used to double-cleanse (take off makeup with an oil cleanser, then cleanse with a foam cleanser after), but I found that that practice was making my skin super dry and dehydrated. This fixes that: Since I’ve incorporated this Bioderma micellar into my routine (pre-cleanser), my skin has felt even more supple and rejuvenated.”

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Milky Oil Is the Only Product That Works on My Eye Makeup