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24 Spring-Cleaning Products From Shark Tank

Spring cleaning, according to Shark Tank. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Every season, Shark Tank features products that run the gamut from the practical (at-home fitness gear) to the absurd (ornaments for your beard). While they’re all certainly unique inventions, some more useful than others, the cleaning innovations in particular always manage to solve completely obvious problems you didn’t know you needed solutions for. Would you ever have guessed that you could buy a neoprene gap filler to prevent things from plunging between your car seats? What about a bib to keep your facial hair from falling all over the sink? Or a fabric repellent that keeps your clothes dry and stain free? Shark Tank is here for all your spring-cleaning needs, alerting you to where you’ll need help before you even realize it.

Broom and dustpan

This broom-and-dustpan set was made for tight, hard-to-reach spaces. The broom handle can extend up to 50 inches, and the bristles, set at a 90-degree angle, act like a squeegee to get into all your tough corners.

Auto brush

Clean up your car (or bike or hot rod) wheels with this water-saving gadget. This brush and optional flow-control-switch handle combo is said to reduce water use by 50 percent compared with a garden hose or car wash. The brush itself is plastic to avoid rusting (and thus the need for replacement, leading to more plastic use).

Sports-equipment deodorizer

Rid your gym bag, car, or mud room of sport stank with these odor-eliminating sticks that kill bacteria, deodorize, and eliminate the moisture that breeds future bacteria. Originally made for lacrosse gloves, fans have had success deodorizing everything from gardening gloves to boxing gloves (as well as non-glove things, like Uggs).

Drain-clog remover

A disposable drain chain designed to catch hair and whatever else gets clogged down there, without your ever having to touch its findings.

Clean cleaning products

These are nontoxic cleaning products in reusable, BPA-free packaging. This starter kit includes three reusable cleaning bottles, one reusable foaming-hand-soap bottle, and four cleaning tablets that, when combined with water, turn into multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and hand soap.

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Water filter

Hydroviv studies water quality from local, county, state, and federal databases to identify contaminants and susceptibilities and then creates a filter specific to the water in your area. It removes the bad chemicals and leaves the good minerals, and the company will continue to monitor your water. Hydroviv will even send a new replacement cartridge free of charge if something changes.

Splatter guard

While this funnel isn’t exactly a cleaning aid, it can prevent a mess. It sits around the rim of your frying pan, intercepting any splatters between your pan and your backsplash.

Fabric spray

Another precursor to cleaning, this fabric spray protects various textiles from getting wet or stained. Any liquid that comes in contact with it beads up and rolls off like water off a lotus flower — which was the inspiration for this product. One treatment equals a year of protection.

Scrub Daddy

Perhaps the world’s most famous sponge. There’s also the newer, equally incredible, Scrub Mommy.

Disinfecting wipes

Heavy-duty grease-and-grime wipes that were so popular with the Sharks, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec went 50-50 on the deal.

Odor eliminator

The Sharks didn’t bite, but it’s still a super-useful, food-grade, all-purpose odor eliminator.

Car-seat-gap filler

This handy neoprene piece stuffs into that black hole of a gap between a front car seat and the center console, so no more collecting piles of crumbs or helplessly dropping your iPhone while you’re searching for directions.

Reusable paper towels


These are just as thin as paper but made from bamboo and machine washable.

Locker organizer

Transform that messy locker into neatly organized shelves with the help of these customizable components.

Tasty face wipes

These kids’ face wipes are sweetened with stevia to make face washing an enjoyable and tasty ritual.

Water-bottle cleaner

Drop one of these biodegradable tablets into a deep water bottle, let it soak, and watch as all those grimy substances you can’t quite reach wash away.

Clothing wipes

Much like a fabric-freshening spray, these wipes swipe over stanky clothes to make them smell like fresh laundry. Plus, they’re easy to just throw in a bag and carry around in case of emergency.

Flea-and-tick spray

Don’t let pets bring invasive species into your home. Spray them down with this flea-and-tick remover first (it can also be used on furniture and rugs, if it’s come to that).

Beard bib

Sure, it looks ridiculous, but we vote that eliminating hairy sinks is worth it.

Sock tabs

It’s the type of invention you wish you’d thought of first: These little plastic pieces hold socks (even thin trouser socks) together, so they won’t split up or disappear in the wash.

Heavy-duty hand soap

The thing about dirt is that it absorbs chemicals, oil, grease, and toxins while also acting as an exfoliant. This counterintuitive soap uses dirt to clean dirt.

Vegan body wash

Developed by a husband-and-wife team of former chefs who went from preparing dishes with flowers and herbs to transforming them into soaps and body washes.

Portable shower

Fill this with water, carry it around, and get clean anywhere. It even comes with a hot-water adapter.

Cat potty trainer

Treat your kitty and yourself, because every cat should be dignified enough to use the toilet.

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24 Spring-Cleaning Products From Shark Tank