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What Venus Williams Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist. Photo: Carley Andrews

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Venus Williams — who recently launched a collection with GhostBed — about the center of her skin-care routine, the socks she and her mom love, and the capsules that help her get a good night’s sleep.

This gua sha stone from Wildling has so many different sides that help with the lymphatic system and lifting. There’s a side that feels like a comb, a rounded one, and a flatter one — I use all of them to contour my face. It takes about three days to a week to see a difference. Sometimes I use Wildling’s oil with it, which is amazing, or I make my own. The recipe is very secret, but I will tell you that I use a whole lot of citrus for vitamin C, frankincense as a vitamin-A replacement, rose oil, and other ingredients that aren’t used very often. That’s my boost at night for my skin. Then I gua sha til the cows come home.

This is the center of my skin-care routine. It makes my skin so much brighter and smoother, like a baby’s butt. Just kidding, but I do feel like I have new collagen after using it. I’ve tried manual brushes and other electric brushes, but this one’s amazing. It’s a deep cleanse, but very gentle at the same time. I can actually see what’s coming out of my skin on the head. And the charge somehow lasts for months. I don’t even bring the charger with me while traveling.

Masks make me feel good, and I really see results afterward. I started using this last year about once a week, and it leaves my skin glowy and tight. It smells fresh and easy, so it’s tolerable for people who don’t like scents. And it’s so light and smooth that sometimes I forget I have it on. I’ll start doing things around the house with it on and probably scare my dog.

Bombas are always on my feet. All of them are a little different — I have some that I use for bed, and others I use on the court and for performance. I’m actually wearing a pair right now. The performance socks are great for training because no matter what, they never slide down. The material’s nice and comfortably thick. It’s cushioned but lightweight. My mom liked them too, so I actually had to give her some of mine.

I look like I could protect the planet when I wear these. They’re so comfortable that sometimes I wear them where I shouldn’t, like places where people step on your feet and the shoes start to get scuffed. I actually wore a silk dress the other day and put these on as a joke, but I made it work. I mostly wear these to dinners or events, and I’m always traveling with them. I’m about to order a second pair because I wear them so much. I have them in my cart now.

From $95

I take these on nights when I’m unable to fall asleep or when I’m so worried about not sleeping that it’s hard for me to fall asleep, especially if I know I’m performing the next day. I can really feel this working. Not only do I fall asleep faster, but I usually experience better sleep, which I need when I’m away from my own bed. I’ve tried their powder, which tastes great, but I usually have the capsules on me because they’re easier to travel with. I never wake up feeling drowsy. I could never use something that makes me drowsy the next morning, since I need to be refreshed and get my day going for the gym, practices, or meetings.

This is another thing I always have on deck when I’m going to tournaments. The compression helps my legs feel fresh and recharged after a hard workout, and they help when I have injuries. It improves my circulation, so I’m able to get new blood into my legs and recover quicker, and it moves out lactic acid. I find it to be the number one modality for getting rid of swelling, even more than ice and compression. I travel with them, too, and they actually fold up pretty easily.

In the past, I’ve used different things for muscle recovery, from infrared lights, a massage, heating pads, different minerals like magnesium in a hot bath, or magnesium sprays. I wanted to take those ideas and combine them into one moment at night, when your body’s in recovery while you sleep. This mattress is actually a performance mattress. The Venus layer is a gel memory foam infused with special minerals that interact with your body heat and reflect the infrared light back to your body. You get all the benefits of the light that helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation while you sleep. It’s like using a heating pad, but it’s not warm. It’s also just comfortable. It has springs inside, so it’s bouncy but quite balanced. It has a quilted cover that’s soft, giving it more of a medium-plush feel overall. I fall asleep so quickly, almost immediately after laying down. I can’t have anything left to do when I get in bed because it’s a wrap. Donesies. When I get in bed, I’m on “Do Not Disturb” mode. Good night.

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What Venus Williams Can’t Live Without