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Where Can I Find Some Actually Cool Hypoallergenic Jewelry?

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Please help me find amazing nickel-free or hypoallergenic jewelry and accessories that are actually cool. Nickel is a very common irritant; many people get negative reactions to it, but somehow it’s still everywhere (belt buckles are especially annoying if you’re wearing a short top).

When I read your question, the first thing I wondered was: what exactly is hypoallergenic jewelry? It sounds obvious — anything that won’t give you an allergic reaction — but people have different allergies to different metals, so to get some more information I checked in with two dermatologists, Dr. Michele Green and Dr. Debra Jaliman. “My favorite hypoallergenic jewelry is surgical stainless steel,” says Jaliman. “If you want a gold option, go with a very high-quality gold, such as 24 karat. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, but it’s pretty pricey.” Green agreed that when it comes to gold, the higher the karat the less likely it will be to irritate your skin, and had some suggestions for additional allergen-free materials to look for: “If you suffer from metallic allergies opt for jewelry made of pure unalloyed biocompatible metal such as platinum, titanium, or palladium,” she says. “These metals are naturally hypoallergenic and will not trigger an allergic reaction.” In addition to looking for those metals specifically, you can also look for pieces that are marked “nickel-free” or “hypoallergenic” — many of which do, in fact, come in rather nice-looking styles. I dug around and pulled together some pieces that are nickel-free and hypoallergenic categories, and that you will also actually want to wear.


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While hunting around, I noticed that Baublebar has several pieces that are specifically marked “hypoallergenic,” and after checking the FAQ page on their site, found that all of their pieces are certified nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, phthalates-free — so this might be a good brand for you in general. I’m a fan of these twisty hoop earrings that are a mere $38.

For an even less expensive set of gold hoops, try this pair from Target, which Strategist writer Chloe Anello wore to her sister’s wedding, and loved. “They were so lightweight that I wore them from when I put them on in the morning until 10 or 11 at night with no issues,” she said, when she recommended them for our post on the best gold-plated jewelry. While the quality of the gold is not listed, the earrings are specifically described as “nickel-free” and “compatible with most skin types.”

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If you have multiple piercings and like the layered huggie hoop look, this pack of five pairs is one (relatively) cost-effective way to achieve the style, while not irritating your ears.