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I Use This Jade Roller to Get Rid of Puffy Face

If you’ve ever gone to a facialist and been treated to a face and neck massage, you know how well it works as a quick detox (minus any of the pesky work of doing a cleanse). The idea is to facilitate lymphatic drainage, stimulating the fluid that flows through the lymph nodes in the jaw and neck. Recently, I discovered a way to emulate the treatment at home — without an appointment or having to pay $100 for someone to tap my face.

The jade roller has been a skin-care staple for empresses and the upper echelons of Chinese society since at least the 17th century, and the rollers have recently surged in popularity Stateside, as beauty-philes battle timeworn nuisances like under-eye circles, puffiness, and tired-as-hell skin (the Cut’s Ashley Weatherford has written about the roller, too). The device is dead simple: two smooth jade rollers (one large, one small) held at opposite ends of a stick that’s jade itself — the naturally cooling properties of the stone help de-puff the skin.

After washing and applying a serum and moisturizer, I use the roller around my chest and neck, rolling quickly and gently to help increase blood flow, with a few extra strokes on key areas such as the jawline and cheekbones. I then (carefully) use the smaller roller around my eyes, working from inside the eye, out, and over the brow. It really does work. After a late night or long flight, I’ll use a Korean sheet mask, lie on my bed, and carefully work the cool roller. My dark under-eye circles, which have laughed in the face of every fancy cream and facial thrust upon them, are relieved by the smooth, cool jade and repetitive motions. I swear, it’s even evened my skin tone and dampened wrinkles (which, after all, improved circulation should do).

The entire process takes about 30 seconds start to finish. The little workhorse takes up no space in your medicine cabinet — or, in my case, the fridge, where I like to keep it extra cold. Ice does reduce swelling, after all.

Anti Aging Jade Roller

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I Use This Jade Roller to Get Rid of Puffy Face