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A Recent Discovery: The Met Museum Store Has Some Rather Cool Jewelry

Photo: JT Vintage/Universal Images Group via Getty

Known for its eccentric baubles and tasteful drop earrings, the Met store has long been the place to pick up a piece of tasteful jewelry (or a Monet Garden-print shawl) for your mother, or great-aunt. But on a recent scroll through the store’s jewelry section, we noticed something surprising: The Met’s jewelry selection has become rather … cool. Sure, there are still necklaces made to look like a sprig of rosemary (with rosemary earrings to match), but the store also stocks mismatched pearls elegant and offbeat enough to rival those made by the now-defunct, downtown New York brand Trademark, and some dangly gold-star earrings that have a whiff of Gimaguas, whose clothes and jewelry often sell out within hours of release. Has the Met changed things up, or are we just more inclined toward some grandmotherly jewelry lately? It’s hard to say. Either way, there’s currently a 25 percent off sale sitewide, and many of their offerings would make a great gift for the stylish person in your life who could use a break from their everyday gold hoops.

For the one who wants to channel The Girl With the Pearl Earring, but with a slightly off-kilter, mismatched twist.

The mix of carnelian and gold on these reminds us of something you’d see from cool L.A. jewelry designer Mondo Mondo.

A subtle pair of hoops with a knot that will make them stand out from every other pair of gold hoops your sister already owns.

Who knew that the Met sold jewelry for every Zodiac sign?

Just ornate enough — and based on a pair of earrings in the Met’s collection.

Yes, it’s a little intense, but someone could pull this off.