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The Best Umbrellas, According to Seattleites

Photo: Grant Faint/Getty Images

When tasked with finding the best umbrellas, it seemed like a no-brainer to ask the people of Seattle, a notoriously rainy city, about their favorites. It turns out that umbrellas are a polarizing topic. Several Seattleites I reached out to declined to recommend any umbrellas because “only tourists use them.” But this staunchly anti-umbrella stance is a bit hyperbolic, and there are still plenty of Seattle residents who would rather carry around an umbrella in case of rain than wear a raincoat or rain poncho all of the time. (It does seem, however, that good rain boots are nonnegotiable, no matter your preference.) Below, seven pro-umbrella Seattleites on the umbrellas they trust to keep them dry.

“Seattleites have a bit of an uppity attitude toward umbrellas; when I first moved here [four years ago], I was told umbrellas are a surefire way to spot a tourist, as Seattleites wear rain jackets. I bought into this at first, since I wanted to try to fit in to my new city, but I quickly realized that umbrellas are the way to go, especially since I was taking public transit a good deal. My personal preference is one with a wooden shepherd’s crook on the end so that I can hang it from my arm if I need an extra hand while walking to and from the light rail. I also prefer the umbrella to be a bit on the larger side. The best brand that I have found is Totes, rated highly and much more affordable than a designer brand like Brooks Brothers.” —Aaron Geller, men’s style blogger

“Living in Seattle, you really need to know about a good umbrella or two. I love transparent umbrellas because they’re easy to see through. I love this one because it comes with that and a little bit of color, so you’re still easily spotted while walking through traffic in the rain. I’ve had this umbrella for a while now — I want to say almost a year — and it’s beared with me super well. It’s big enough to shield me from the rain but also small enough to take with me everywhere. I got mine from Nordstrom.” —Aania Aslam, blogger, Life of Aani

“I’m actually not a native Seattleite, but I recently relocated from New England. I have come to really appreciate the key features of an umbrella, as Seattle weather is unpredictable. I prefer an umbrella that doesn’t blow inside out and is compact enough to fit in my bag. That’s where Shedrain comes into play. I stumbled upon the brand on my Instagram feed; I guess Instagram was smart enough to realize I moved to a rainy climate. I bought one of their bubble umbrellas, and it’s been love ever since. They offer fun patterns in a really nicely constructed umbrella. If I’m not mistaken, they even offer a lifetime warranty. Plus, they are a ‘local’ Pacific Northwest company, which means they know a lot about rain.” —Nicole Dempsey

“I’m really excited for Shedrain’s new compact reverse umbrella to launch, which, when closed, doesn’t get rain everywhere. It’s a new technology that came out a year or so ago.” —Dempsey

“My go-to umbrella is the double-layer umbrella by Rainlax. I love the inverted design, eye-catching colors, and of course the handle that allows me to be on the phone and hold my bag at the same time. It’s very durable and has held up better than any umbrella I’ve ever owned. I always receive tons of compliments on it.” —Molly Clifton, owner, Style Miss Molly