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What Are the Best White Tank Tops for Women?

Bella Hadid in our best overall pick. Photo: Getty/GC Images

Basics may be the trickiest part of any wardrobe, and the white tank top is no exception. There are a few boxes that any good white tank top should tick: It should be lightweight enough to weather summer heat or layer under your favorite fall cardigan, versatile enough to throw on with no more than just a pair of shorts or your favorite cardigan (and jeans), and, perhaps most importantly, make you feel like a off-duty ’90s model. To find the best white tank tops for women, we asked ten stylish gals — including CEOs, photographers, celebrity stylists, and a Strategist writer or two — about the ones they rely on (then, for good measure, we combed our archives to add any tanks with exceptional praise that we’ve written about). Below, the 16 best white tank tops for women, including ribbed classics, satin styles, and a few that go beyond the basic with subtle details like buttons or scalloped necklines.

Best overall white tank top for women

Photo: retailer

While Los Angeles–based apparel company Re/Done is probably best known for its repurposed jeans and vintage-looking cropped T-shirts, it also makes a pretty much perfect white ribbed tank top that’s favored by celebs like Bella Hadid (who is wearing it in the photo above). “The Re/Done ribbed tank adds an elevated look and modern twist to the basic staple,” says stylist Jasmine Caccamo. “Although $80 for a white tank top seems a bit over the top, if you ever were to get a glimpse and feel this top, you’d completely understand,” adds stylist and designer Alljahni Mack. “It’s very well made from the softest cotton you may have ever felt.” Like any good white tank top, this one’s quality is one reason it can be dressed up or down. Another reason, according to Strategist beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton: This tank is “famously flattering.” Strategist writer Hilary Reid agrees, telling us, “The cut and the way the straps fall on the shoulders and chest are particularly flattering.”

Best (less expensive) white tank top for women

According to Rio, the perfect ribbed tank “must be formfitting yet stretchy, not too see-through, with relatively slim straps.” But Re/Done’s is not the only one she’s found that meets these criteria. These far less expensive Zenana Outfitters tanks (which break down to just $4 a piece) do as well, she says, telling us they are “neither too cropped nor too long — perfect for tucking into pants, or leaving loose with a lower pair.” She adds these tanks are “snug with a bit of stretch for comfort, and have thinner-than-usual racerback straps.” Perhaps most importantly, Rio says they’ve actually proven to be a solid dupe for Re/Done’s tank: “I wore one underneath an open white button-down, and get this: Someone actually asked if the tank was Re/Done.”

Best longer white tank tops for women

While you might see this six-pack of men’s ribbed Hanes tanks as something more appropriate for your little brother, Caccamo says women can’t get much better than “a good white basic Hanes tank for men.” A big reason Caccamo likes these tanks, she explains, is because they run a little longer, so “you can layer them over a bathing suit or pair them with a skirt and knot it at the center, where the hem meets your belly button.”

Best henley-style white tank top for women

Photo: retailer

If you’re looking for a white tank top that’s got a bit more going for it in terms of subtle details, stylist Alison Deyette suggests these henley-style ones from Gap that can be buttoned (or unbuttoned) around the chest. While you can certainly wear them buttoned up for more of a classic white-tank look, Deyette’s advice is to “unbutton a few buttons and stack on a few pendant necklaces; suddenly, what could have looked ho-hum is alluring.”

Best white muscle tank top for women

Muscle tanks, which feature more fabric covering the shoulders and wider arm holes, are more like sleeveless T-shirts, which some women prefer for the extra coverage and breezier feel. Kiku Chaudhuri, a co-founder of hair-care brand SHAZ & KIKS, is one of those women, and she loves Everlane’s muscle tanks because they work with so many outfits and in so many situations. Chaudhuri wears hers with leggings to work out — “and if I’m trying to be extra, I tie a little knot at the bottom,” she says. Then, she can simply swap out her leggings for “high-waisted trousers or shorts” and wear the tank for the rest of the day. “It’s pretty airy, so you can easily go from a sweaty workout” to working from home or running errands, she promises.

Best lightweight white tank top for women

When we asked three Everlaneologists about their favorite buys from one of our favorite brands, writer Robin Reetz name-checked the Air Cami, “because it’s airy, comfortable, and I think has a super-flattering neckline.” While Reetz says she’s “got a smaller frame with a larger bust,” she’s seen it on friends with various chest sizes, “and although the fit of course varies, it always looks flattering.” Strategist newsletter editor Mia Leimkuhler (another Everlaneologist) se