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The Best Workout Tops for Women, According to Fitness Experts

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The right workout top (one that’s not a grimy T-shirt from the back of the closet) is breathable and comfortable while providing the right amount of coverage. That’s a surprisingly difficult thing to find. To help women of all different shapes and preferences narrow down their options, we consulted a panel of fitness experts on the workout tops they rely on to get them through anything from a low-impact workout like yoga to a sweaty, high-intensity class. There are some cropped tops for people who don’t like feeling constricted, plus loose, airy, sweat-wicking tanks for those leaning into their fitness resolutions. If you’re re-upping on all of your workout basics, don’t forget to consult our guides to the best workout bras, leggings, and shoes, too.

Cropped workout tanks

There was a clear preference among the fitness experts we spoke to for airier cropped tanks (since they’re the next best thing to wearing a sports bra by itself). Trainer Tara Laferrara says she always gets compliments on this laser-cut tank that she likes for yoga or weight training. “It’s super cute and sporty, and the length is long enough to just show a hint of a waistline.”

Equinox personal trainer T’Nisha Glenn also recommends Alo Yoga for cropped styles, like this ruched tank: “It’s cotton, super breathable, and VERY stylish with a little midriff showing if you’re into it.”

This racerback training top looks and feels like wearing a sports bra, which is why it’s a favorite of Judine Saintgerard’s, a coach at Tone House. “It’s super stylish, cropped, and has minimal fabric. It’s great for pretty much any workout.”

And for the especially sweaty, Laferrara recommends a comfier tank like this Athleta one. “It’s roomy and breathable, making it a great option for just about any type of workout.”

This Nux tank doesn’t look strictly like a workout top, which is why Glenn says she loves wearing it with regular clothes outside the gym. “It’s form-fitting and great for days when you’re feeling super confident and don’t mind showing some skin, but also great for yoga, animal flow, and things of that nature.”