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The Best Maternity Workout Clothes, According to Experts

Photo: Josh Fogel

When you’re pregnant, dressing comfortably is key, especially during a workout. While it might sound obvious, Deb Flashenberg, the founder of the Prenatal Yoga Center in Manhattan, says to “make sure the clothes are breathable and that nothing is going to feel too constricting.” Still, while they shouldn’t be constrictive, pregnant women will need workout clothes that provide extra support for a growing belly and breasts. To find out the best maternity workout clothing for pregnant women, we spoke to Flashenberg and others who know a thing or two about such matters — including Pilates and yoga instructors, doulas, and some fit, stylish moms — about their favorite leggings, bras, and tops for expecting women to wear while working out. For good measure, we also combed our archives to supplement their recommendations with any truly excellent maternity workout wear we’ve written about before. We’ve divided the clothes by category, leading each section with the pieces that came up the most. Finally, while this list focuses on clothing, if you’re looking for accessories to wear with any of it, don’t miss our lists of the best women’s gym shoes and socks.

Best maternity workout pants and shorts

While they’re not technically maternity-specific, Lululemon’s Align pants are far and away the most recommended bottoms among those we spoke to. They’re available in a super-high and regular rise (which is still plenty high), and both styles — neither of which have a waistband — received praise. Tori Thain Gioia, a co-founder of pre- and