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The Best Ski Goggles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of ski equipment before — including the best ski gear, the best ski jackets, and the best balaclavas — here, we’ve rounded up the best ski goggles, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated (and least expensive) ski goggles

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

“Wow. Just wow,” exclaims one impressed reviewer of these ski goggles. “They are well made and, yes, fog proof. Works even with a balaclava tucked under it.” And according to another reviewer, they perform better than even some top-of-the-line ski goggles: “I just went skiing in Vermont on one of the coldest days of the year, and my friends — who all had Oakley or other more expensive goggles — had problems with extreme fogging or even icing over of their goggles. Mine were crystal clear the whole time and not foggy at all.” A snowboarder writes, “They basically never fogged up except in blizzard conditions at the top of the mountain, the tint was perfect for a sunny and cloudy day, and they were so comfortable to wear on my face and slid up to rest on my head when not in use on the bus ride home.” They conclude that these goggles “actually looked and worked way better than their $20 price tag.” And for one casual skier, “these did just the trick. They are just as beautiful in person as they are in the pictures, and for me the price point I couldn’t beat.”

And now some micro-picks for every type of ski goggle you might be looking for.

Best ski goggles for low light

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

These snow goggles from Bolle come with a variety of different lens shades, from clear to citrus orange, but all of them perform well in low-light conditions. The clear lenses, for instance, get rave reviews among nighttime skiers, including one who writes, “I wore these for night skiing last week in light snow and forgot they were there. I stayed warm, they did not fog, I could see well.” Another reviewer explains that the yellow lenses “worked great when the clouds rolled in and my darker goggles prevent me from seeing the changes in the terrain.” But no matter the lens color, several reviewers say these don’t fog up at all. One owner credits this lack of fog to the “vents in the top and bottom,” explaining that “they allow sweat to escape so they do not fog up, while simultaneously blocking out the piercing cold winds.” A few complain that they probably won’t last multiple seasons, but one shopper admits, “If you scratch them, who cares. They are so inexpensive you just buy another pair. I wore them for a season with no trouble.”

Best ski goggles with wide view

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

“Absolutely the sickest goggles I’ve put on my face,” raves one reviewer. “Complete peripheral vision in all directions. Crystal-clear clarity. Zero fog in a wide range of conditions. As close to perfect as you can get, in my opinion.” Another thinks that even with a balaclava on, which tends to cause fogging, these goggles have “great peripherals, a comfortable fit, and zero issues with fogging.” Another reviewer calls them “great all-around goggles,” but notes specifically that “the peripheral vision is phenomenal.” Many also think the Prizm lens is a great addition, including one who loves that “you can see every bump and contour of the slopes at any light.” One longtime skier who has been hitting the slopes since the 1990s writes, “In all those years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cooler-looking ski goggle … These Oakleys are truly fog free. In addition, they are extremely comfortable, even over the eyeglasses I wear when skiing. The extra-wide lens offers great peripheral vision. If they’re in your price range, I highly recommend them.”

Best ski goggles for wind

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

Reviewers appreciate that these Bolle goggles help keep the wind and snow out of their faces. “These goggles were awesome for the slopes this weekend,” recounts one. “We had 10 degrees with 35 mph wind, and these goggles didn’t let any wind or snow in.” Another reviewer, who had never “skied with goggles before,” says, “These goggles made this intermediate-level skier feel like a pro on the slopes. I’ll never ski again without them. It made such a difference being able to see clearly with no fogging or wind in my face.” A few say these are comfortable in bright sun, with one mentioning that they “block out the sun enough to be comfortable and add some texture to the snow on those blinding days.” This shopper calls these “excellent for the price. These are exactly what snow goggles should be.” Another notes that, as a season-ski-pass holder, he has high standards and concludes, “I was able to see icy terrain better and variable conditions better. The goggles did not fog once, and overall I am pleased with the product for the value. I am really surprised. These may be my new favorite pair.”

Best goggles for sunny days

Retrospec Traverse G1 Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmobile Goggles

“Amazing goggles in full sun,” comments one happy shopper. Another agrees, calling these “a great deal” that “work in full sun to heavy shade.” One reviewer isn’t sure “what separates a $20 pair of goggles from a $200 pair of goggles, but these are durable, filter the sun, and have suited me well through a full season of skiing.” A few customers specifically appreciate that these block out any glare, like one who says this pair is “perfect for the winter ski season, blocks all glare from the sun, and was easily adjustable. Didn’t fog up when being removed and then put back on, and fit well with rented ski helmets.” And another says there were “no issues with fogging up or being uncomfortable; they get the job done.”

Best ski goggles with interchangeable lenses

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

The interchangeable lenses are described as “easy” by nearly 100 five-star reviewers, and lots also love the rimless design. “By no means am I a professional skiing, but my husband is. We bought these goggles on a whim and were a bit sketched out by how cheap they were,” one reviewer admits, but, they say, “Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised. They looked great, and the lenses are interchangeable depending on what type of conditions you are skiing or snowboarding in.” Dozens agree that these goggles offer great visibility. One reviewer admits, “I was worried I would have limited visibility in cloudy/snowy weather because they’re darker and meant for sunny days, but they were awesome even on the day when it was raining and snowing.” And even beginner skiers can enjoy them: “I didn’t stop getting compliments from my seasoned friends that go every year as well as strangers. I couldn’t imagine the reason to buy anything for $100+.”

Best comfortable ski goggles

JULI Ski Goggles

Dozens of reviewers use the word comfort to describe these goggles, including one who writes, “For the price, these are fantastic … They worked great, I loved them. Supercomfortable, fit well with my helmet. They look very similar to the high-end goggles for a fraction of the cost.” Another who has skied for over 40 years also thinks, for the price, that these are the “best ski goggles I’ve ever owned,” noting, “These goggles look great and feel great and improve vision on the slope.” Another “used them for snowboarding in Colorado” and thinks “they were perfect. Didn’t fog up, no drafts anywhere, fit comfortable and snug.” More reviewers also think these are relatively fog resistant, like this Michigan ski instructor who says, “We get all kinds of weather here. Biggest problem I have with goggles is my glasses fogging under the goggles. I have worn these three times and have not had my glasses fog up. Just bought two more pairs for the family.” And as this reviewer concludes, “Overall, this is an amazing product that I would definitely recommend to any new or seasoned snowboarder.”

Best ski goggles for glasses

Zionor XA Ski Snowboard

“The best part is they fit well over my glasses, so I can see well,” celebrates one skier. Another likes that “the inside part is large enough to wear glasses under them, which is a plus because I don’t always feel like using contacts … Fits well with a helmet, the tint is just right for being able to transition between sunny and cloudy/snowy days.” One can even “attest they are a must-buy if you are looking for nice goggles without forking up a ton of money … They haven’t fogged up yet, and the tint is perfect for bright sunny days. The inside of the headband and a gel-like liner that helps it stay in place against your helmet or beanie. Overall super-solid goggles for a great price.” And as this experienced skier concludes, “Do yourself a favor and grab a couple pairs of these bad boys. Oh yeah, I guess they look super-fresh as well.”

Best ski goggles for glare

COPOZZ G1 Ski Goggles

“A great pair of goggles,” notes one reviewer of these double-lens goggles. “I didn’t have any fogging problems, and the magnetic polarized lens is absolutely sweet.” Another also loves the polarized lens because it “works well for seeing against the snow.” One even thinks these “do a fantastic job at blocking out the blinding sun bouncing off the snow, whether riding on a snow machine or sledding and snowboarding … They really do a fantastic job at filtering out some of the blue light that gets trapped in the snow, and I’m not sure if it’s the color or the polarity thing or what, but they really make it easier to see the definition of bumps in snowdrifts.” And as this reviewer puts it, “I can’t imagine the way-more-expensive brands have any significant edge over these goggles.”

Best sturdy ski goggles

WildHorn Outfitters Roca Ski Goggles

The strength of the magnet on these interchangeable lenses was a highlight for many reviewers because they felt the goggles were sturdier than most. “They look extremely cool, they’re sturdy as heck, the blue lens is super-dark, the strap is high-quality, and they’re extremely affordable,” raves one reviewer. “The magnets are very, very strong and when coupled with the side snap design, there’s just no way the lens is going anywhere, no matter how hard you slam.” One shopper who is “way pumped to use them this season,” appreciates that “the magnet is strong too; it locks it right into the exact place that it needs to be.” Reviewers were also impressed with how easy the magnetic lenses were to change out, including one who notes, “Removing and reattaching the magnetic lens was incredibly fast and easy. Vastly better than all the numerous Smith, Oakley, and Dragon goggles I’ve used in the past.” Another reviewer even used these at night: “Not only are the lenses sexy, the construction is dynomite, and the magnetic lens attachment is a no-brainer. With a quick release, you can switch up a new lens depending on the outdoor conditions. Whoever designed these goggles had one thing in mind: make the best goggle for the money. I hope they get a raise or at least take every powder day off to enjoy their creation.”

Best fog-resistant ski goggles

Zionor X4 Snow Goggles

Nearly 200 five-star reviews mention how little these goggles fogged up if at all. “Besides looking cool, they fit very comfortably and have enough airflow through them that you don’t freeze and don’t fog up,” says one reviewer. Another even thought these were better than the pricier pairs his friends owned, noting, “The look is very nice, and they did not fog up once. Two of my friends paid three times as much for theirs and had issues with fogging.” More than one call these the “best goggles I’ve owned,” including one shopper who was impressed that they “kept my face warm and dry and didn’t fog at all. Strap held in place nice, and I actually changed lenses on the fly when the sun hid and the snow started. So easy, and magnet held strong.”

Best (less expensive) fog-resistant ski goggles

Zionor Lagopus Ski Goggles

“Wow, for $20 these goggles were fantastic,” rejoices one experienced skier. “Skied for two days in Colorado. First day was cloudy, second was full sun. These goggles were great in both. Very comfortable, didn’t fog up at all, and looked pretty stylish if I do say so myself.” Many reviewers agree that these goggles rarely fog up, including one who says, “Had zero issues with fogging up or wind getting inside. Visibility was excellent, and they did their job when it came to sun and ice glare.” A few felt they weren’t as scratch-resistant as some of their more expensive pairs, but as one who calls these “a no-brainer” notes, “Guess what, it’s just as easy to scratch $150 goggles as it is to scratch $25 goggles. Quality is excellent, sight is great, they fit on your head or around a helmet, and the price is right.” Their sleek style impressed many, including one beginning skier who writes, “I may have cried every time down the mountain, but I looked damn good doing it in these goggles.”