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The Best Pregnancy Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Pregnancy can come with lots of unexpected challenges — a good night’s sleep being one of them. And while we’ve covered other maternity must-haves — like nursing pillows, pregnancy-safe skin-care products, stretchy leggings, and non-hideous winter coats — here, we’ve rounded up the best pregnancy pillows, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated pregnancy pillow

Nearly 12,000 five-star reviewers (pregnant and otherwise) rave about this “life-changing” full-body maternity pillow. Many liked it so much, they even gave it a nickname. Attesting to its comfort, one reviewer writes that it “must have been made by elves from Narnia, and it has to have been filled with downy fluff and the fibers of unicorn hide.” They add that it “now resides almost as a fifth limb, a noncancerous growth, an extension of my body that nurtures and comforts me, taking my tears and fears and wrapping them up with love and magical fairy dust … I write this review from the velvety embrace of my cushioned love pillow, whom I have named Prince Geoffrey.” Another reviewer says they were initially skeptical when they purchased this pillow after six months of pregnancy. “It was the best decision I could have made,” they write, and now, at nine months pregnant, they can’t imagine life without it: “My husband and I joke about how ridiculous it looks and have nicknamed it Sideshow Bob, but the amazing comfort this pillow provides can’t be fully described. It supports my legs/hips and belly completely, the head support is great and it’s wonderful to be able to roll over to my other side without having to rearrange four pillows.”

Best-rated (less expensive) pregnancy pillow

“I was shocked at how small this pillow was, and I almost returned it,” writes one reviewer, but her mind changed after she used it. In fact, “I have used it nightly for the last 4 months, and I love it.” Lots of reviewers also thought this budget-friendly pillow was too firm at first, but one pregnant reviewer says, “I find this to be the perfect size to support my bump without taking up too much bed real estate, and the perfect firmness to support without being uncomfortable.” And reviewers say this wedge pillow works for all stages of pregnancy. “Early on, I kept it at my back to nudge me from falling asleep flat on my back, and later, under my belly for a little extra support,” one reviewer writes. And another reviewer even says it is nice to have postpartum: “Very useful as a wedge when I sleep on my side to alleviate pressure on my breasts (due to breastfeeding engorgement).”

[Editor’s note: This item is scheduled to restock on December 21, 2020.]

Best detachable pregnancy pillow

The most customizable of the bunch, this U-shaped pillow is filled with removable cotton, and made from three different detachable pillows. Plus, it comes with a bonus belly pillow, which turns out to be a favorite feature among reviewers. “Upon receiving it, it was beyond expectations,” one reviewer begins. “The cover is soft and comfortable. The stuffing is supportive yet not too stiff. The fact that each section can be opened and stuffing can be added or removed is genius and makes this pillow perfect.” And the bonus belly pillow is versatile too, they write. “It can be placed under the head while watching TV or reading or under the arm or behind the back for extra comfort,” they explain, and add that they’re “already looking forward to reconfiguring the pillow to prop me up and support my baby while nursing.” And much like the first, another also describes it as the “Goldilocks” of maternity pillows. “This one fits just right,” they write. “I could not get comfortable with any other pillows — they just had too much stuffing. This one is great because you can take out as much stuffing from any of the sections and add it back later if you need more support. The small belly pillow is the best part of it … This has really helped me to sleep comfortably.”