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This $10 Waterproof Runner’s Belt Is Also an Ideal Hands-Free Summer Wallet

Photo: Diksha Basu

I’m afraid I’ve taken to wearing a waist pack. Are they still called fanny packs? For elegance, I’ll stick to calling it a waist pack.

After years of envying people who could leave the house with their hands free, basic necessities stuffed into pockets, I finally resorted to a waist pack. I’m not quite trendy enough to wear a bulky one as a Fashion Statement, so I found this streamlined flat neoprene one on Amazon that I can hide under a somewhat loose shirt. But it actually looks quite nice and is available in an array of colors if you want it visible.

It’s designed for runners, and I will not run unless I am being chased, but this design has spread-out pockets that result in the entire thing feeling like an oversize belt. It’s big enough for me to fit my phone, a few cards, my headphones (along with a little hole through which you can pull the wire if you, like me, have given up on AirPods and returned to wired headphones), Chapstick, and my keys. There’s a small side pocket in which I keep my keys separately so they don’t keep falling out when I reach for one of the other items. I wear mine to take my kids out for lemonades, to chase them around the playground, to go for bike rides or park picnics, and even when I’m stepping out to lunch with friends.

Photo: Diksha Basu

I find myself wearing it even if I’m also carrying a purse with larger items because my purses are often open, and anyone on the train or any crowded space can quite easily reach in and take whatever they want — so at least I know my most valuable belongings are secured closer to my body. When I reach my destination, if I don’t want the waist pack visible, I take it off and fold it compactly into my purse. It’s a wearable wallet, really.

I know this very site has recommended a similar item in the past, but the one I use is one-fourth the price — almost problematically inexpensive, you could say.

But when I don’t need anything larger on me, I’ve become one of those people I envied who can saunter out of the house, arms swinging freely, ready to quite literally tackle whatever the day might throw at me.

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This $10 Runner’s Belt Is an Ideal Hands-Free Summer Wallet