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What E-40 Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Phil Emerson

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked rapper E-40 — who’s also the founder of food company Goon With the Spoon — about his extra-strength deodorant, cologne that “demands attention,” and microphone that complements his voice “beautifully.”

Jergens Cherry Almond Lotion

I’ve used this every day since I was a teen. I don’t recall using any other lotions before this. It prevents ashiness like all lotions, but it lasts all day. And it smells right with the cherry-almond scent. I’ve got to stay moisturized.

Same thing here. I refuse to look my age. Of course, I accept it and embrace my age, but I like to maintain my looks. Because I have a bald head, I mostly put this on top of my head. I also apply it along my neck and hands and layer it with the Jergens lotion. The hands and neck really can give away a person’s age. You can have the most youthful face, but the neck might give it away, so I gotta make sure to moisturize there.

When I was young, I could take a shower and use Mennen, and I still wouldn’t smell right. (Mennen’s this deodorant-slash-cologne I used that didn’t hold up to perspiring.) This came from my mom. I remember the commercials back in the day would say, “Made for a woman, but strong enough for a man.” A lot of men from the hood used Secret — ain’t no shame in the game — and I still do. It’s long lasting and stands strong through it all. You’re never gonna catch me out of pocket smelling musty or stanking. I keep my hygiene up.

This doesn’t even have a scent to it. It’s just perfect. It is natural like an afro, you know what I mean? And I’m telling you, if you want to be clean, this Dead Sea soap will get you feeling right. Trust and believe.

This is an expensive cologne that has a smell of its own. I spray it, wipe my hands together, then wipe it on my clothes and spray it on my neck. The neck is where you do all the hugging at. Me being a people person, I’m always hugging and shaking peoples’ hands, and this cologne demands its attention. It’s masculine, but I can’t even put it in a category. It’s funny, I work in R&D with wine and spirits, but I wouldn’t be able to do an R&D with that cologne. I wouldn’t know where to start.

These supplements have everything you need to keep going. I’ve been taking it for over 20 years now, and it prevents a lot of sicknesses. I’m one of those guys who loves to drink wine, so I take this and milk thistle for my liver health. I like that this comes in a monthly box with everything. I take it at least once a day, but I try to take it twice a day, which is what they recommend.

Rapping is my job and my passion. I’m always creating, and the Sony microphone is high end. This cost me more than $10,000. That’s a lot for a microphone, but you’re getting what you pay for, and I’ve made my money back several times using this particular microphone. I got the idea from Mike Denton of Infinite Studios in Alameda; he’s my mentor when it comes to sound quality in music. He mixes and masters all of my albums, and is doing that right now as we speak with my new album Rule of Thumb coming out later this year. When I was in his studio, I think in 2017, I used this microphone and saw how well it complements my voice. I have a very distinctive voice, and it comes across really beautifully with this.

This is my most-used kitchen appliance. You can have two-day-old chicken or some fish from the night before that’s a little soggy, spray some avocado oil on it, put it in the air fryer at 400 degrees, and it’ll crispy that thing up real quick. My thing I’ve been making lately is pizza with small flour tortillas. I make my own garlic butter and spread that on there, put a little cheese and whatever meats I want like turkey or pepperoni, sprinkle some Italian seasoning or Parmesan cheese and some mozzarella, and I’m good to go. I put that thing up in the air fryer for six minutes precisely.

This is to clean out the colon and make sure everything’s functioning right. It’s very healthy. I also drink kale, celery, apple, and spinach juice, but this is my go-to. I’ve made it for myself, but most of the time I’m on the go and don’t have time, so I order it cold-pressed.

My food company, Goon With the Spoon, started out with sausages and burritos. Ice cream seemed like the perfect next step because it relates to “the Spoon.” I’ve always been one to bring quality with everything I dip in, and this is up there with the premium ice creams on the shelves. It’s my go-to. It’s no $1 or $2 ice cream. It’s made with dairy that doesn’t have the artificial growth hormone, rBST. I’ve got seven flavors out now. My favorites are cookie dough and vanilla bourbon.

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What E-40 Can’t Live Without