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What Golde Co-founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford Put on Her Wedding Registry

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist

When Golde co-founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford married her longtime partner Issey Kobori, they were in the midst of lots of life changes. A new house for one. Along with a new baby, who was a few weeks old when the couple walked down the aisle. If it seemed that everything was happening all at once, it’s because it was. “We really wanted to be thoughtful about the home and family we’re building together, so we tried to focus on things that we knew we would be using together as a family in our home for many, many years to come,” says Wofford. The couple loves to cook and are natural homebodies, something they kept in mind when putting together their registry. “There’s a good number of the things on the list that we asked for with a certain activity or project in mind that we were looking forward to doing together or being able to use in the future with our daughter,” she says.

“The wedding in general kind of felt like this celebration moment of us moving into this next stage as a family unit. And I think the registry reflected that.” The result is a hodgepodge of kitchen gadgets and baby products that add to the couple’s everyday routine, like a braising pan that makes succulent short ribs, and an aesthetically pleasing baby rocker that looks like a design-y piece of furniture.

We loved the idea of being able to take this out on a picnic somewhere and having something that was roomy enough to fit a bunch of beverages or whatever if we were even just hosting a few friends out on the back deck. But what’s exciting is the way that we’ve actually been using it. For the past few weeks we’ve been keeping it in our car. And then on the weekends when we roll around to visit a bunch of our favorite farms we use it as a grocery cooler for our produce and eggs and milk.

When you have a baby you think that you’re gonna do a little bit more laundry, but in reality you’re running a laundromat inside of your house. We knew that we needed to have a better system, so now we have two of these. Instead of our freshly done laundry ending up in a crumpled pile on the floor somewhere, it’s neatly folded in aesthetically pleasing Japanese laundry baskets. They have really nice handles on them. I’m such a proponent of bringing joy to your mundane daily duties, and I love these baskets for that, and so every day when I’m carrying my folded laundry from the dryer upstairs to the bedroom it brings a lot of joy to that task.

It has this beautiful country aesthetic that I thought worked very nicely with our upstate lifestyle. It encourages me to make more pies, which is really wonderful. I used it recently to make an apple pie that was made with apples that we picked from the local orchard and it was exactly what I hoped it would be.

$100 for 6

Our dining room table is very plain. We got it at an antique warehouse in Hudson for not much money and it needs to be refinished on the top. We’ll do that one day, but in the meantime, we have these really beautiful, colorful mats that sit so nicely.

Let me just say watering cans are damn expensive, even if you get one from the garden store. The plastic ones are 50 bucks. So it’s like, let me just get something that’s gonna last me a lifetime. It’s super ergonomic, it’s beautiful. And again, it makes something that we’re doing all the time really joyful.

Editor’s Note: This watering can is currently available for pre-order and shipping in late December.

This is an Issey pick. It’s the kind of pan that you reach for all the time. It’s the right size, extremely lightweight, and good for cooking everything. It has pouring spouts on each side. They just thought about the experience so much. We ended up buying the pan in the larger size so we can do even more with it.


This thing is a game changer. You use this in place of a blender and you can make any kind of sauce, soup or puree. I’ve used this to make applesauce twice, and we’ve crushed tomatoes in this for tomato sauce. We also roasted root vegetables and put them through this and then had the perfect texture of soup. So rather than putting something into a food processor or a blender, where it gets aerated and too smooth, too frothy, whatever, the food mill crushes everything and the food just comes out better. There’s no way around it. Also, the process of just mechanically milling something down yourself is actually quite soothing and a lot less disruptive.

I love this brand. I love that they’ve been around since the ’90s. I love that they’re all organic and have been doing the damn thing for so long, and the product is so good. The one thing I will say is once you start sleeping on nice sheets, you won’t be able to go back. You have to budget for that, but you spend a third of your life in bed — get the good stuff.

Issey and I weren’t coffee drinkers for a long time, and so when we finally started drinking coffee, Issey purchased a manual coffee-bean grinder, which is exactly what it sounds like. You put the coffee beans in, it looks like a pepper mill, and you crank it. It is so hard. If we ever had a guest over and Issey asked them to grind the coffee, they couldn’t do it. It was impossible. I couldn’t do it. No one could grind the coffee except for Issey. So we finally said, let’s make this a little bit more efficient, especially now that we have a baby around. You don’t have the luxury of taking your time, I need to be able to press a button and get shit done. This was the grinder that was recommended by our friends at Canyon Coffee, so we went with it and it’s great.

When else do you have an opportunity to get a beautiful blanket other than when you were getting married and someone wants to get you a nice gift? It’s a treat, especially when you’re sitting on the sofa watching TV and you wrap yourself in it. It’s warm and looks good on the sofa. I’m a big fan.

This is another Issey ask. It’s great because it’s super thick and it’s equal parts nice for chopping something, but also just nice as a place to lay out a good spread of cheese, bread, etc.

If you are a meat eater, I feel like this is essential. This is the best way to make chicken. Short ribs, too. The glass lid it comes with really keeps all of the moisture in. It’s also good for a large amount of veggies. So whenever we’re looking to cook a meal that’ll last us a few days like a big several chicken thighs or a big thing of veggies, the braiser comes out.

I put Ruby in this baby chair every day when I’m in the kitchen and she hangs out and watches from there. She loves it, but it’s also really aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a nice piece of furniture in your house, rather than a war zone of multicolored toys.

We have two of these and love them. One stays in the car and the other is in one part of the house. It basically comes with everything that you need to change a diaper and it’s really cute. So it’s the perfect thing to keep around.

I actually put this on my registry because I saw a Strategist article about it, and it is the only place that I can successfully put the baby down and have her instantly fall asleep. It’s got these special cushioned bumpers or sides that help the baby feel like she’s being hugged and snuggled and help her relax.

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What Trinity Mouzon Wofford Put on Her Wedding Registry