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What Trixie Mattel Can’t Live Without

Photo: Courtesy of Magnus Hastings

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Trixie Mattel — drag queen and founder of Trixie Cosmetics — about the lipstick, mouthwash, and guitar she can’t live without.

This is the foundation I actually use out of drag. On a day off, when my skin is irritated from all the drag makeup, I use this to even everything out, especially around my eyes — they get super irritated from the lashes or maybe I used glitter that’s not really supposed to go on your face. I have supersensitive skin, like if I’m in a hotel and I take a shower where they use harsh cleaners, I break out in a rash. I have three bottles of this going at any given time. I use the shade Medium Light. And I put two pumps on the back of my hand, start in the center of my face, and buff it out all the way down my neck. Even in bright light you can’t tell I’m wearing anything.

I grew up in the woods, and didn’t always take great care of my teeth. So after Drag Race, when I had a little bit more money, I started going to the dentist for the first time in a long time. This is great because it’s alcohol-free, so it’s good if you have sensitive gums. If I don’t use this before I go to bed, I can’t sleep.

I’m a geek. Instagram gays are always like, “I’m a geek,” and I’m like “Honey, come to my house to see a real geek.” I feel like some parts of my personality don’t always make sense with the other parts. But drag queens, if we like something, we just go and explore it. And I’m sort of an introvert, I spend a lot of time alone, so this is a nice way to still spend time with people. I’ll put my headset on and play with friends or even strangers. When I’m performing, I’m with people, but there’s space between us and no touching. This is sort of like that — I can put on my headset and talk to people, but be in a room by myself. And if I’m on tour, you better believe I have my assistant hooking this up to play.

My boyfriend and I love cologne — we’re sort of competitive about it. Like, I’m white trash so I always thought, if you can smell someone coming, it’s like, RICH! This used to be made in small batches for JFK, and he asked that it be made for his brother and his cabinet. That’s why it’s called “Eight & Bob.”

It’s about $200, but the bottle is big and lasts about a year. Actually, I think I’ve used three bottles in four years, so even longer. It reminds me of the first summer I lived alone on the Cape. I was living in a house with no Wi-Fi, AC, or refrigerator, but it was when I first started taking my career really seriously. I was putting on makeup every day and working — I think it was the summer I grew up a lot.

Tile Mate, 4 Pack

This is fierce. I have one Tile for my wallet, one for my keys, and one for my phone. It’s a little childish but every time I leave the house I go “Phone, keys, wallet. Phone, keys, wallet.” And this just helps with that. The premium version, which I don’t have but want, will even send you an alert when you leave the house if you’ve left something behind. True story: I thought I had left my wallet in my hotel room, and it turns out I had packed it into my checked luggage that was in the belly of the plane. The Tile App let me know that it was there.

Everything with drag is kind of gross. I come back from a gig and my vanity is a mess. Or if I’m working on a wig, the table just gets a film on it from all the hairspray. So, I use these to clean everything. They even have ones with micro-scrubbers. Also, one goes a long way. People use too many of them.

I worked at M.A.C so I know what’s good and what’s not good. Like, their old makeup wipes aren’t as good as these. It’s almost like a gel and it can get all my makeup off without stripping my face. And they are like $30, which is a lot, but my fans know I love them and will bring them to give to me after the show. Actually, put that in there so they know! I have tiers of makeup wipes. Like the Neutrogena ones, those are five dollars, and I’ll use those on my arms, hands, and neck, but thirty dollars is worth it to not rip my face off. And I know it doesn’t really matter, but the packaging is pink. Like, I’m the kind of person where if I need a toilet brush, I’m going on to Amazon and typing in “pink toilet brush.” My whole house is pink.