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14 Women Pick the Best Bathing Suits for Women

Photo: Lambert/Getty Images

Because advice from friends is always more trustworthy, we got 14 real-life women — including those with long torsos, big busts, blogger butts, and non-flat stomachs — to pick the bathing suits they feel sexiest and most comfortable in at the beach. Below, we’ve got something for everyone, whether you prefer retro or reversible.

“The classic Missoni style that is my favorite bathing suit of all time. I inherited my first one from my older sister when I was 13, and I still wear it to this day, 12 years later. So although it’s a little pricier, it’s worth the investment because of how long it’ll last. Plus, I love bathing suits that have adjustable strings. I think that’s the only reason it’s carried on from age 13!” Lili Chemla, founder, Liana Clothing

“Whether styling for a shoot or traveling, I am always on the lookout for feminine yet sexy swimsuits that make a statement. I am currently loving Lisa Marie Fernandez Swim. Her suits are effortlessly glamorous, and instantly transport you to that perfect sun-drenched day, sitting seaside with a glass of rosé.” —Raquel Barrett, co-founder, Funboy

“My favorite bathing suit right now, and it has been for a couple of years, is the Solid & Striped Anne-Marie in black. It is always a must-have when I travel. I always feel good in it no matter what — not to mention it can be doubled as a bodysuit at night! It really is the perfect one-piece for everyone.” —Alison Chemla, founder, Alison Lou

“Right now, I’m obsessed with this $30 one-piece from Aerie. After a whole season of painfully targeted Solid & Striped ads, I finally decided to try out a budget version of a high-cut one-piece and man, was it worth it! I’m basically Kylie Jenner now, NBD. It’s made of really heavy material, so camel toe isn’t a problem, and it lifts and scoops your butt in all the right ways (read: up). I’m pretty flat-chested, so the thickness of the material kinda smushes my boobs down even flatter, but I honestly don’t even care, because it makes my sedentary blog butt look ‘Instagram influencer selling FTC-unregulated protein powder’ good. I posted a selfie in it as a joke (not really) and multiple crushes and ex-crushes all slid into my DMs or texted me within the hour, so you know it’s good.” —Carina Hsieh, sex and relationships editor,

“Similar to the game-changing popularity of the high-waisted denim, my favorite bathing suit is anything that nears or covers your belly button. You can’t go wrong with a well-designed bikini with high-waisted bottoms and some elastic stretch. Comfort at its finest! Add a little detailing, such as mesh, laser cut, or ties, and you’re golden. I’ve been loving Lolli Swim’s retro, flirty take on the high-waist trend. Some of my favorites include this polka-dotted gem with the side ties, and this dainty bottom with laser cutouts. Pair them with a triangle top and you’re effortlessly ready for summer 2017.” —Ali Grant, founder, Be Social and Be Social Talent

“My current obsession is the Flagpole Ali suit. It’s incredibly flattering with just the right amount of sophisticated fashion edge. It also looks great layered with high-waisted cutoffs.” —Lauren Schwab, co-founder, Negative Underwear

“Because of my curvy figure, and definitely not-always-flat stomach, I tended to hide my body in high-waisted bikinis and big bra bikini tops. I’m such a baby fish, and swimming in them always felt so heavy and restrictive. I went on a trip to Brazil last year and noticed that no matter how big a woman was, she wore a tiny string bikini, so I got rid of all my big bathing suits and never looked back! I now see how smaller swimsuits can also sometimes be more flattering anyway, so now I can be the true dolphin I want to be. This year, I want to be my best ’90s self at the beach, so I will be going for this little Pucci number — but as a whole, any triangle bikini in a fun color will do for me.” —Naomi Shimada, model, storyteller, filmmaker

“As a tall girl, I can only gaze longingly from afar at the fresh crop of stylish one-pieces that arrive on the racks each season. It’s possible to hunt down basic extra-long styles online, but if you want anything cute or, god forbid, sexy? Forget it. Luckily, I discovered that good old dependable J.Crew has a small, but fashionable section of its website devoted to ‘long torso swimsuits. They actually fit me! No wedgies, no camel toe, no spillage of the tits. They go on sale frequently, so I stock up, and they’re perfect for visiting my family back in Malaysia because I can still look hot without scandalizing anyone.” —Victoria Yee Howe, designer, Tsk-Tsk