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Trend Forecasters on Women’s Gifts to Buy Before They Sell Out

Photo-Illustration: retailers

While you might just be starting to think about holiday shopping, it’s never too early to scoop up some of the more in-demand gifts of the season — especially during a year when online orders are at a high and the mail is moving slowly. For the past few years, we’ve talked to trend forecasters about the holiday gifts they suspect will be especially popular for women and men, and even likely to sell out. Last holiday season, we heard about “sloungewear” and “two-mile wear,” loungewear-focused trends that, unsurprisingly, are back and more expansive than ever this year. To find out what other pieces will be big for women’s gifts this holiday season, we called up a panel of expert trend forecasters, including WGSN womenswear senior strategist Laura Yiannakou; WGSN associate accessories and footwear editor Ana Correa; Fashion Snoops vice president and creative director of womenswear Melissa Moylan; Fashion Snoops accessories director Hallie Spradlin; and forecasters from consumer, culture, and creativity think tank TOBETDG.

Loungewear in soothing tones

Photo: retailer

Unsurprisingly, the spring, summer, and fall of loungewear will be followed by a winter of loungewear, according to our forecasters. “We’ve been living in sweatpants, and that’s going to continue,” says Fashion Snoops’ Melissa Moylan. One line she suspects will be especially popular is Kim Kardashian’s Skims — specifically, the Skims Waffle Jogger (which, as predicted, is currently sold out). This pair of ribbed leggings is still in stock, though, and has a similar vibe, but, like all things in Skims World, it’s likely to go quickly (and has already started selling out in some sizes). If you’re thinking of gifting these, you’ll want to order early — and consider some of the other items in Skims’ loungewear collection, like the waffle leggings and long-sleeved shirts.

Those who have been following the Great Sweatpants Renaissance of 2020 will probably be familiar with Entireworld’s Loop Back Sweatsuit by now. They’re known to sell out as soon as they restock — so shop and early and quickly if you want to snag matching pieces. “I think Entireworld’s sweatsuits are really uplifting because of the colors they come in,” says Moylan, who put the sweatsuit securely on her list of items likely to sell out this holiday season.

According to Lindsey Smecker, principal trend and marketing director at ESP Trendlab, loungewear pieces from Pangaia — a brand whose collections always sell out quickly — are likely to be in high demand this holiday season. The company satisfies two recent trends in fashion: clothing that is sustainable and clothing that is unisex. “Their garments consist of organic cotton, recycled materials, and environmentally friendly dyes, all in beautiful, trending colors,” Smecker says. The “fern green” shade of the hoodie is another reason she thinks this one may go quickly. “Pangaia’s newest ‘forest collection’ is inspired by plants,” she told us. “And this organic greenery color family has been trending for several seasons now.”

Photo: retailer