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The Best Lawn Chairs on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

While we’ve written about the best outdoor furniture for small spaces, sussed out the best patio furniture sets, rounded up the best beach chairs, and delved into the best hammocks and hammock chairs, here we’re going deep on the best lawn chairs on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best-rated (and least expensive) lawn chair

Coleman Portable Camping Chair With Four-Can Cooler

For camping trips, tailgates, soccer games, and concerts at the bandshell, the Coleman Quad, with over 5,300 reviews, is a go-to pick for many happy customers. Well over 500 Amazon reviewers cite its sturdiness. One user says the chair held up “even to a 320-pound beast of a man. He and I both prepared for a break. It held him. And for several hours.” People also love the built-in storage, with over a thousand reviews lauding the small cooler in the arm. “We left a single bottle of water from our big cooler in overnight and it was still cold in the morning even without ice,” writes a user, who adds, “The pocket in the side is nice to hold books, flashlights, phone, silverware, napkins, and small treasures the kids find when exploring.” It’s also relatively light (under nine pounds) and folds up to fit into an included carrying case. “I’m petite, under 120 lbs, and it’s not heavy — easy to carry,” writes a parent who uses the Coleman for their son’s baseball games, who adds about the chair, “I’ve received compliments from other parents.”

And now some micro-picks for every type of lawn chair you might be looking for.

Best lawn chair with back support

Kijaro Dual-Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

Available in 12 colors, the Kijaro is similar in shape and weight to the Coleman Portable camping chair, but many reviewers describe it as more “supportive” than other comparable lawn chairs. “You sit upright on a firm base instead of sagging into a hole,” is how one reviewer puts it. An even higher percentage of Kijaro reviewers praise this chair’s sturdiness. “Wide enough for my oversized American male body, sturdy enough I don’t feel unsafe in it,” says a Scout leader, who adds that the mesh pouch is big enough for “several pocket knives if the Scouts have been using them unsafely and they need to be inaccessible for a little while.” It also scores high on portability: “I love that it has a carrying strap attached directly to the chair in addition to having a bag,” says another reviewer. Take note: Some shorter users (5’-5’4” or so) report that their legs don’t touch the ground in this chair because of the higher seat.

Best Adirondack chair

Polywood AD5030AR Classic Folding Adirondack Chair

“We have had plastic chairs of all colors in our front yard, but I always wanted REAL Adirondack chairs, so I bought these. VERY COOL,” raves one reviewer, specifically citing “the look, the color, the comfort, and the EASE of setting up” as reasons for their five-star rating. Another reviewer explains, “These chairs are by far the BEST I have ever had. A simple two-Allen screw assembly with pegs, similar to the Bean model and viola, you are in comfort.” Plus, the faux-wood material is made to withstand even the most humid, buggy weather: “We have a couple of acres right on a Florida lake with cluster oaks. We chose these chairs for seating at one of the oak clusters. Rest assured, we are buying more in different colors for the cabana, probably white, because they fold so easy for storage to protect from the bugs, harsh sun, and mildew.”

Best reclining lawn chair

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

“Straight from the box to my patio in less than three minutes,” writes one reviewer, who adds, “My last zero-gravity cost more than twice as much and was much harder to push into position and was less comfortable.” The moving parts make this chair a little more finicky than some, and people don’t expect it to last ten years, but reviewers love the ease of setup, comfort, and low price. One convert writes, “I played my audiobook in my ears, had my puppy with her water beside me, and for the first time in a very long time, I would say I finally relaxed.” Numerous reviewers like it so much that they brought this lawn chair indoors, as well. One such reviewer provides this back story: “I had been on a five-year long quest to get a comfortable gaming chair that would not cause lower-back pain. I went through six recliners and three reclining sofas with no luck. BAM, I buy this on a whim, and holy heaven above, this is more comfortable and supportive than a $1,000 recliner. I bought this four months ago. It gets daily use and is still holding up and still working great.”

Best rocking lawn chair

GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker Portable Folding Low Rocking Chair

“This is a fantastic folding lawn chair! It opens with a snap, and folds up with a snap, and stores flat. It is sturdy, and rocks to and fro,” writes one reviewer, calling this GCI low-profile rocking chair “the most enjoyable lawn chair I have ever owned, well worth the money.” Another reviewer bought this because, “I just wanted to sit by the fire with my coffee and blanket and rock back and forth under the stars.” They continue, “I picked this design because the hydraulics that make the chair rock don’t require a flat surface. The last thing I wanted was to feel a twig or tree root disrupting my rock … I broke it in by bringing it on a group camping trip. Son of a gun, every time I got up, someone stole my seat. Indeed, it was the most coveted chair around the fire.” In fact, rocking back and forth is so relaxing that at least one reviewer is powerless against it: “Sat in it, started rocking, fell asleep for an hour, don’t know how I lived without it.”

Best zero-gravity lawn chair

AmazonBasics Zero-Gravity Chair - Beige

One reviewers calls this reclining lawn chair “the best outdoor chair I ever bought,” describing it as “sturdy, very comfortable, easy to adjust and get into and out of. I almost dozed off in it the first day I owned it. And it’s a steal for the price.” Another reviewer wonders, “Not sure why anyone wouldn’t give this chair five stars. It arrived ready to relax in — so I did. After one day, my wife made make me take it outdoors. It’s even better outdoors where I can easily recline and enjoy bird-watching, enjoy a sunset or stargaze.” The “zero-gravity” functionality is a little divisive among reviewers, but, as one satisfied customer explains, the zero-gravity chair is great for reducing stress. “Almost immediately after reclining I felt my whole body begin to unwind. I felt like I was floating. Within five minutes or so I was becoming fully relaxed.”

Best oversized lawn chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

One big and tall user of this lawn chair, which has an 800-pound capacity, writes, “I realized that bringing my own chair to cookouts and garden parties was less embarrassing than having to be picked up out of a tangle of canvas and aluminum while people stare very intently at their hotdogs and into the bottoms of their cups.” He says of the King Kong, “It supports me in all the right places. I expect to have this thing for many years to come and to continue to enjoy it the whole way.” Hundreds of reviewers talk about how comfortable it is. “It’s like a cross between an overstuffed chair and a La-Z-Boy,” writes another, who adds, “I weigh in at a whispery 400, and it doesn’t creak, it doesn’t moan, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to collapse like EVERY OTHER CHAIR I’VE OWNED.” Some say that the front of the chair causes discomfort at the back of their legs, and a number of reviewers suggest hacks to fix the issue — everything from wood blocks to a cut pool noodle to a rolled-up sweatshirt. However, the issue doesn’t really diminish anyone’s belief in the King Kong. As a reviewer who speaks for the majority of five-star reviewers says, “This chair is a tank.”

Best oversized reclining lawn chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair

Plenty of self-described “big guys” describe this lawn chair as sturdy. One writes, “This chair is sooo comfortable. I’m a pretty big guy so I don’t understand a few other reviewers’ comments about it breaking or not supporting their weight. This chair is extremely sturdy and well-crafted. Looking forward to sunbathing with no time restraints.” Another satisfied customer says, “This chair is a very sturdy construction and very solid when sitting or laying back in it. It does not wobble or lean or anything. The bungee suspension is done very well and holds a good amount of weight.” And it’s so comfortable that one reviewer is thinking of bringing it inside: “I was originally thinking this would make a great addition to my patio, but now that I have it, I think I want to keep it in my living room. When my brother came over, I couldn’t get him out of it. He wants one to put in his hangar at the airport. His birthday is coming up, so I think I know what I’m going to get him.”

Best lawn chair with canopy

Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Reviewers appreciate the all-in-oneness of this chair. “I saw people at the beach using this, and had to get it,” a reviewer writes, noting that it’s “much easier than an umbrella when it gets windy, and I don’t have to carry my chair, and umbrella and poles like I used to do.” Another fan says, “The canopy can also be easily adjusted to various heights and angles to ensure proper shade from any angle of the sun.” And the canopy can be used to shield the sitter from more than just UVA/UVB rays: “I really like being able to pull the awning down over my face when I’m feeling antisocial or when I want private browsing on my phone,” points out a user. As far as storage goes, a customer who uses the chair for soccer games says the chair’s mesh pocket “is perfect for candy trash or oversized electronics.”

Best director’s lawn chair

Browning Camping Director's Chair

The view from this solid, tall chair — the opposite of a low-slung beach-style chair — is appreciated by a wide variety of reviewers. Those who preside over booths at trade shows like it: “I work craft shows and flea markets. These chairs are so comfortable and put me at the right height to talk to customer at eye-level and not be on my feet all day. They are awesome! I’m about 240 pounds and they hold me safely and securely.” Reviewers who fish like it: “I love it for fishing at the pier — elevates my eye level over the rail.” And people with certain health issues like it: “I’m 63 years old and have had two knee replacements. These chairs are WONDERFUL.” Another customer writes, “I have advanced rheumatoid arthritis and trying to get out of a traditional camping chair is almost impossible. With this chair, the taller height is awesome and allows for me to move from sitting to standing without assistance.” And tinkerers like it, too: “I needed a taller-than-normal folding chair to use by my work bench in the garage. This is it.”

Best lightweight lawn chair

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

Adored by campers for its portability, this foldable chair weighs just over two pounds yet can support over 300. Outdoor types hail it as a kind of oasis. “This chair is the single largest piece of kit in my backpack, and I don’t even mind. The morale boost and comfort it provides in the back country are more than worth it,” writes a typical user. And it’s easy to deploy: “You can setup and take down the chair from its carry pouch in less than 30 seconds,” writes a backpacker. Most reviewers agree with the one who wrote, “Expensive, but you gets what you pays for,” but a few thought the price was a drawback. Lots of reviewers point out that the chairs sits low, but most don’t see that as a negative. “It is low to the ground, so one’s feet and legs are extended when sitting it it, in a similar position to using an ottoman for one’s legs when sitting in a regular chair,” explains a user who brought their Helinox Chair One to Japan.

Best (less expensive) lightweight lawn chair

Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair

“Almost as good as the Helinox available on Amazon!” says one impressed user, who explains that the Moon Lence is a even few ounces lighter than the Helinox, but has a “reduced weight capacity (thinner mesh and thinner poles).” One reviewer says, “I can now take hikes even when I am pregnant, hubby just makes the chair appear whenever I need a break!” Over a dozen reviewers specify that they have successfully stowed the Moon Lence in their saddlebags. “Worked perfectly for motorcycle camping trip,” notes a biker. Another points out that this chair, like most in its class, isn’t going to blow away in a slight breeze because “the mesh backing and lower profile keep it from acting like a windsock.”

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The Best Lawn Chairs on Amazon, According to Reviewers