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What Amanda Seales Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress and comedian Amanda Seales — who recently announced dates for the Black Outside Again Tour — about her “precise” eyeliner, a do-everything cleaning product, and the LEGO sets she can’t live without.

Hair Rules is a salon in New York that was started by Anthony Dickey. I first went to him when I was doing a show at MTV in 2012, and it was a game changer. He was the first stylist who I felt not only knew how to style my hair but also how to take care of it. He taught me how to do it on my own. The Wavy Mousse is part of his line, and it’s one of the few mousses that’s able to control my frizz without drying out my hair. I only have to use it every couple of days, which is great because I’m not really trying to put a lot of product in my hair. I want it to last, and this does.

Milk sent me a sample of this about a year ago, and I got hooked. I use it every night. I like that I can feel the hydration, but it doesn’t have a lot of weight to it. A lot of times when I’m using moisturizers, they feel almost counterintuitive because I’m putting on so many thick layers of it on my skin. This sinks in nicely, but I feel moisturized. I haven’t noticed a difference since using it, but I know at this age, you don’t want to see a difference. I like that we’re maintaining.

People say, “That’s one thing about Amanda, she’s gonna give you a red lip and a wing liner.” But there are levels to the wing — sometimes it’s a butterfly wing, sometimes it’s an eagle wing. Stila’s liner lets me achieve whatever wing I’m going for because it’s precise. It doesn’t budge either. I try my best to use makeup that I don’t have to reapply because once I get ready in the morning and I go out the door, I’m out.

I always get asked, “What is your lip color?” And this is it. The best part is that even though it’s a lip stain, it doesn’t actually stain my lips. With other lip stains, I feel like I can never get them off. The Sephora ones are matte and are gonna ride with you throughout the day, but when you’re ready to get rid of it, it takes its exit.

Alaffia is a fair-trade brand from Togo. I was put onto it back in 2017 by a friend who’s from Togo and was working with them. I went to Togo and saw how they create their products. So often we see things that tout shea butter or cocoa butter, but you don’t know where they’re farmed from. Alaffia sources directly from the farmers, so they’re able to get a higher cut and actually support their families and communities in a much more significant way.

Also a lot of times organic products feel like you’re not getting the bang for your buck because it’s not using these perfumes and ingredients that we’re accustomed to. But Alaffia products do a really good job of giving you the amount of scent and lather that makes you feel like, Oh, I used soap. No, really I did! But it’s still a natural product.

I am a chronic wedgie sufferer, and I like that these stay put. I’m not having to figure out how to pick a wedgie without being seen when I wear these. They give me comfort without feeling like a big ol’ granny panty. I’ve been wearing Aerie boy briefs since high school. Once I find something I like, I stick with it.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant

They say that all the deodorants give you cancer, but I was just like, Shit. I have to put this on every day if I don’t want to be talked about behind my back for having BO. I had to figure something out. I’m sure there may be conversations that are being had behind my back regardless, but nonetheless, I like Kopari because it’s natural and it gets the job done. I don’t have to replenish it multiple times a day. Also I hate those deodorant doo-doo balls that form under your armpits with certain products. This doesn’t cake up.

If there was some way to use these to clean up an oil spill, it could do it. I have never seen these fail. I use it for my dry-erase board. I have white walls and cats that love leaving little trails of paw prints behind. This cleans that up lickity split. Anybody who has white sneakers, a Magic Eraser can get those scuffs out. Boom — just like that. I found a number of different uses for the Magic Eraser, and I’m still looking.

When I have a taste for La Croix in my mouth and there isn’t one in the fridge, it’s a big problem. I’ll really feel some type of way that I cannot have this carbonated water with a hint of an essence. I think it’s the closest thing to an addiction I’ve ever had. I love the guava — big fan. Love the passion fruit. Huge fan. A lot of people don’t respect the coconut flavor; I do. But I gotta tell you the biggest surprise for me was the limoncello. Before tasting it, I never knew about limoncello. I haven’t been to Italy. I know it’s big over there in the Boot, but I hadn’t explored the flavor. And good Lord. La Croix limoncello on a hot day. Oh, there’s nothing like it. A refreshing delight.

My mom used to send these to me in care packages to keep the child at heart alive. Now I’ve continued that trend. These little bag sets let me get that little-kid moment in real quick without committing to building like the entire Hogwarts set. They have all different kinds. Ones that are specifically for Star Wars, which I love, ones for other movies and shows, and ones for different types of architecture. They keep the 12-year-old in me on my toes.

I’m an artist, and in the art store, the pencil section does not play around. At one point, I tried to be particular. But I’m utilitarian — maybe it’s the Virgo in me. I wanted a pencil that’s as easy as possible, and I landed on the classic No. 2 Bic. I’m an old-school gal. They have different colors, Star Wars versions; they’re easy to get. And I genuinely like the way they move on the page.

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What Amanda Seales Can’t Live Without