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Ask the Strategist: The Best Overalls for Pregnant Women

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In our new advice column, Ask the Strategist, we take your most burning shopping questions and scour friends, call up experts, and draw from personal experience to answer them. As always, please comment with one of your own — we’re here to help.

Question: Best overalls for summer/winter ladies who are pregnant and want to look like Sharon on Catastrophe?

So we couldn’t get in touch with the costume designers on Catastrophe to confirm exactly what Sharon wears, but based on all of our other research, we can make a very good educated guess as to what it is. Basically, everyone agreed that Hatch makes the very best pregnancy overalls.

The search started with Izzy Grinspan, fashion editor over at the Cut who recently returned from maternity leave, “Hatch is 100 percent the best, but they’re pricey,” she said. “They’re just fashionable and flattering.”

Hatch’s denim overalls.

That was followed up with even more detail by Jill Lincoln, Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist who also recently had a baby, “My business partner Jordan [Johnson] and I share a company, bank accounts, passwords, iCals, and an arsenal of maternity denim that I bequeathed to her after I had my son and she got pregnant. At present, she is sitting next to me in a pair of Current Elliott for Hatch overalls, which I imagine she will be living in for the next four weeks before she’s due. They’re soft, distressed just enough, and most importantly at month nine, don’t require a large amount of energy to take off and on.”

We were recommended Hatch a third time, confirming its excellence, when we reached out to The Bump, the all-things-pregnancy website, where assistant editor Anisa Arsenault responded, “Hatch is a brand moms-to-be consistently love both for style and quality.”

Moms-to-be love ASOS maternity clothes, like these denim dress overalls.

So we clearly have a winner here. But they are a bit pricey, so for a cheaper alternative, Izzy Grinspan from the Cut recommends ASOS, which makes washed-black maternity overalls, as well as a lighter blue-denim overall dress.

ASOS was backed up by Jen Gann, the Cut’s parenting editor, who “lived in” a pair of non-denim overalls much like ASOS’s jersey overalls when she was pregnant, “Mine were like sweatpants, but all over your body, and I could wear shirts that rode up underneath and no one would know. I also gave myself license to wear them every day and just swap out the shirt.”

ASOS’s ultracomfy jersey overalls.

The thing with maternity overalls is that they might be tricky to take on and off as you use the bathroom, as overalls go, but for Gann and most others like her, they’re just too comfortable for that to even matter, “The straps fell in the toilet more than once, but I just loved them too much to care.”

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Ask the Strategist: The Best Overalls for Pregnant Women