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Which Stores Offer the Best Online Gift Wrapping?

Photo: Nordstrom Instagram

Lots of things have gone remote this year, and the holidays are no exception: Family dinners will be enjoyed via Zoom (for better or for worse), and most of us will be shipping, rather than hand-delivering, our holiday gifts. But celebrating with friends and family remotely doesn’t mean your presents shouldn’t look festive. And though you can wrap gifts yourself, that also requires going to the post office to ship them. A much easier option is getting your gift wrapped by the merchant and shipped directly to the recipient, but that can be tricky, too: While most retailers offer personalized notes for orders containing gifts, there are a few that offer truly tasteful gift wrapping for the ultimate ease. So if you’re hoping to order a loved one a little something that will actually look like a holiday gift, we asked our writers and editors for their go-to retailers who offer the best online gift wrapping during the holiday season. (And if you happen to be looking for a gift to wrap, we flagged a few of our favorites, too.)


Photo: MatchesFashion

The most-recommended merchant for beautiful packaging was MatchesFashion, which offers a complimentary “luxury box” on any online order, and the marble-printed, magnetic gift box is so nice-looking, senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson says they’re “basically gifts on their own.” They’re so nice on their own, there’s no need for additional wrapping, and so sturdy that Vox’s senior vice-president of e-commerce Camilla Cho says, “You can also reuse them for storage around the house.” Besides, according to Iorio Adelson, “they’re too pretty to throw out!”

To be wrapped:

The statusy Comme des Garçons wallet (beloved by many a Strategist writer) in an unexpected colorway.

And this scarf and beanie set, knitted from Scottish cashmere, goes with everything.

Or for the Tiger King fanatic, a responsibly made, leopard-print cross-body.