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23 Tie-dye Things You Can Buy (on Amazon) for Less Than $75

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a groovy, Technicolor theme among many of the things we’ve put on our Don’t Dillydally lists over the last few months. That’s because it seems like everyone — from blue-chip luxury brands like Prada to fast-fashion retailers like Forever 21 — has been pushing its own take on tie-dye this year. Whether due to microdosing’s tiny steps toward the mainstream, or (more likely) strategic marketing to capitalize on Woodstock’s 50th anniversary this summer, the psychedelic prints are now seemingly everywhere. And although tie-dye may be approaching ubiquity, we think there’s still a good few months before peak saturation. So if you’re still looking for a tie-die fix, here are 23 ways to get it (on Amazon) — none of which costs more than $75.

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