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32 Fun and Functional Dorm Décor Items (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Most dorm rooms are truly depressing places, which is why it’s important when back-to-school shopping to do whatever you can to make your space a little more comfortable and festive. Below, we’ve gathered a whole slew of décor that’s both functional and fun and that will make things slightly less horrible without going full-on Ole Miss crazy or sending you further into debt. From TikTok strip lights and brightly colored bedding to stylish yet functional storage, we have 32 pieces of dorm décor you need for your room this school year.


We reported on bedroom décor for teens, and experts said a neon table lamp like this is good for an energy boost, makes for flattering selfie lighting, and looks cool during dance parties.

This would be a significant upgrade to one of those cheesy multi-arm floor lamps.

For something a little more academic, a sleek task lamp like this will keep you focused and alert through those all-nighters.


There’s no such thing as too much fabric between you and a mattress that’s been slept on by dozens of other students. This memory-foam mattress topper will give you a solid three-inch buffer.


A new set of sheets can help ease the transition from home to dorm room. These come highly recommended by Amazon reviewers, including one who says they’re a “pretty dope upgrade from college-student-grade bedsheets.”

A bedspread is key to spicing up that drab concrete room. A colorful, patterned duvet cover like this one will definitely brighten the space.

A cheerful set of towels that your roommate won’t accidentally confuse with theirs.

When we talked to teen girls about the gifts they wanted for the holidays, one said a cozy blanket was at the top of her list. We think a college freshman won’t mind warming up with one either. Reviewers say this blanket is perfect for all seasons.

Storage and Organization

A very easy way to add some “tone” to your room: this clothing ladder, on which you can hang or stow your most frequently worn clothes instead of throwing them all on a chair.

Another way to keep your clothes off the chair? This handy hamper. The wheels make it easy to schlep down to the communal washers and dryers.

Closet space tends to be limited in dorm rooms; these under-the-bed storage bags will help keep things organized.

A handy mesh shower caddy with lots of pockets so you can keep your electric toothbrush, razor, and Japanese exfoliant separate.

A storage ottoman like this will not only help you get onto your loft bed but let you store extra linens inside it, too.


Your dorm room likely won’t have a ton of space for extra furniture, but surely you’ll find a cozy corner to curl up in this comfy swivel chair.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to squeeze in a futon, too. It’ll come in handy when your friends from high school want to visit.

One guaranteed way to be uncomfortable in your dorm room is to sit in that hard wooden chair it comes stocked with. Swap it for this highly recommended one.

If your room doesn’t come with a nightstand, this one should be narrow enough to squeeze next to your bed and provide some much-needed storage, too.

Perfect for working from bed on those days when you just can’t make it to the library.

Technology and Appliances

From dorm parties to shower tunes, you will definitely get lots of use out of this waterproof portable speaker.

Your room will be the hangout spot with this smart TV that already has your favorite streaming services hooked up.

Those white dorm walls will prove useful after all once you hook up this projector.

We guarantee this retro mini-fridge will be cooler than your roommate’s.


There isn’t too much you can do to dorm walls, but removable decals are an option. An arch like this will give you the illusion of a headboard behind your bed.

And with the help of Command Strips, you can tack some modern posters to the wall as well.

Save space by opting for an over-the-door mirror instead of one on the floor.


This set of small mirrors is purely decorative.

Between weird class schedules and late nights at the … library, it may be hard to remember to care for a real plant, but this faux one will stay in pristine condition even when you forget to water it.

Candles may not be dorm friendly, but this diffuser will help keep your room smelling fresh.

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The key to decorating a dorm room is to cover up as much of the existing stuff as possible. Adding this boho rug between your bed and your roomie’s will hide those drab floor tiles.

Instead of a tapestry, consider a different type of wall hanging, like this metal moon-phase garland.

And if you want to keep it basic, you can’t go wrong with a classic tarot tapestry.

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Best 32 Pieces of Dorm Décor (That You Can Buy on Amazon)