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The Best Sheets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about lots of sheets — including the best expert-recommended sheets, the best hotel-style sheets , and the best Egyptian-sheets — here, we’ve rounded up the best sheets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. To even the playing field a bit, we focused on queen-size sheets, but most of these sheets are available in other sizes as well.

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Best-rated sheets

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set — Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

More than 22,000 reviewers said that these sheets were soft and comfortable. But one guy who considered his review more of a performance piece said this: “Like sleeping on the fluffy belly of a swan while smoothly gliding through a whirlwind of silk fibers accented with soft whispers of ‘good investment, bro’ from the sweet lips of the goddess of naps, this is a pretty dope upgrade from college student-grade bed sheets.” Another describes the sheets as being like the “soft, cotton sheets you might remember as a youngster, that had softened to perfection after having been run through the washer dozens of times; except these have this feel right out of the package.” One reviewer, after casually referencing being used to sleeping on Frette sheets, says, “soft is an understatement.” And they stay that way. “No pilling yet, they wash nicely and dry quickly,” says another review. “These have shown no sign of ripping yet and we have used them every day for the past year.” If you still need convincing, designer Ashley Moore told us that she has these “supersoft” sheets “in every guest bedroom in our home.”

Best-rated (less expensive) sheets

More than 8,000 reviewers give these sheets a five-star rating, and nearly 50 percent of them describe them as soft. “Not only are these sheets spectacular looking but they are without a doubt the most comfortable set of sheets with which I own,” one writes. Another compares them to the “the super soft fabric found on classic Polo shirts.” But just because they’re soft (and relatively inexpensive), doesn’t mean they’re not durable: “They’re so soft, and have held up to us, our 70 pound dog, our two cats, and many cycles through the washer and dryer,” reports one reviewer. Lots of hot sleepers seem to find them to be cooling. One even calls them “anti-sweat sheets,” and just about shouts, “THEY ARE AS SOFT AS I WANTED AND YES…..YES, THEY ARE BREATHABLE.” On top of all that, these are deep-pocket sheets, which means they’ve got “extra room for when I add a mattress topper,” according to one reviewer, while another writes that the “deep pockets fit my Purple mattress perfectly.” Reviewers also appreciate that there’s a “band on each corner to help keep the sheet on.” Overall, “There’s nothing better than crawling into these sheets at the end of a hard day.”

Best sheets for cold sleepers

If you’re the kind of person who can never have too many blankets, you’ll like these sheets. According to one reviewer, “even though [the sheets] are not flannel, they have kept us warm and we have not had to start using two quilts yet, which we usually do in the winter. The sheets themselves are probably the most comfortable sheets we have slept on.” Another reviewer says, “they are nice and warm — but light in weight — so I don’t feel smothered like some [heavier] ones I have had.” One reviewer had these sheets recommended to her by a “self proclaimed ‘sheet snob’ coworker.” She says, “I felt like I was crawling into a butter dish!”

Best sheets for hot sleepers

This sheet set was popular among warm-climate users. “I wanted some lightweight sheets that were good for hot summer nights, and these really fit the bill,” one reviewer writes. “I live in Florida, so even at night it can get incredibly humid and hot here,” says another. The sheets keep you cool, but not cold, a few reviewers point out. According to one customer, “You don’t sweat but you’re not cold.” And they last. “Although they’re lightweight, they’re not flimsy sheets,” says one reviewer. “I’ve followed the package’s washing instructions, and they’ve held up very well through several washings now; the stitching is still sound and intact.”


“Honestly, I have no idea how these are made and sold so inexpensively but you won’t hear me complain!” says one customer who, like nearly 45 percent of the reviews for these sheets, notes their softness. They “truly feel like velvet,” the reviewer says. Plus, “they fit the bed perfectly.” Although the reviewer does point out that these sheets are thin, they are “perfect for warm climates” and “not so thin you can see through them.” Another reviewer appreciates that thinness, which means the sheets don’t “interfere with the cooling properties of my mattress.” They’re wrinkle-free, too. “I do not iron my sheets,” a reviewer says. “And you could not tell that I don’t with these.”

Best 400-thread-count 100 percent cotton sheets

California Design Den 400-Thread-Count, 100% Cotton Sheets

More than 15 percent of reviewers comment on how much they love that these sheets are 100 percent cotton. “They feel like what a quality cotton sheet set should; its not sateen or silky, not fleece, it’s a well made, lasting cotton sheet set,” says one reviewer. Many describe the feeling as “crisp yet soft,” and mention that material doesn’t make them overheat. “Being cotton,” one says, “the fabric keeps me much cooler at night than synthetics.” While reviewers admit that the sheets “do wrinkle,” they’re worth it. “It’s 100% cotton,” one says. “Wrinkles are the price you pay for cottony comfort.”

Best 600-thread-count 100 percent cotton sheets

Great sheets, especially if you follow the instructions. “After washing them according to the directions,” one says, “they came out very soft and not as wrinkled as other 100% cotton sheets that I have.” Another describes the feeling as “ultra soft and silky” and “breathable and cool to touch.” They made a different reviewer nostalgic. “They are strong, soft, and like the sheets my mother used when I was growing up and cotton was the only kind of sheet available,” they note adding that “those sheets [were] handed down from my grandmothers and lasted foreverrrrrrr.” Unlike those sheets, however, these have some modern upgrades: They hold up to machine washing and include a “label at the foot of the fitted sheet so I know exactly which side goes where.”

Best brushed microfiber sheets