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The Best Foam Mattress Toppers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about lots of things to improve the comfort of your bed — including the best cooling mattress toppers, best sheets, and the best mattress protectors — here, we’ve rounded up the best foam mattress toppers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. Each starting price listed is for queen-size mattresses unless otherwise noted, to make comparisons a little easier, but there are other sizes available for each mattress topper, as well.

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Best-rated foam mattress topper

Linenspa 2-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

“This pad provided just enough support while still holding me like a little baby floating on a foam cloud sculpted by the gods,” writes one reviewer, echoing the dozens of reviewers who were so impressed by the comfort of this mattress pad that they referred to it as “cloudlike.” A second reviewer says, “This completely transformed my son’s mattress. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night, and I can comfortably lay with him until he falls asleep,” adding, “I like this product so much, we will likely buy one for our king bed too.” Reviewers also noted that the mattress topper offered a lot of support, with one writing, “It’s the perfect mix of comfortable and supportive. I absolutely adore this topper.” Reviewers did note that there was “a bit of a chemical smell” but one aired it out “for about 24 hours and it was perfectly fine.”

Best-rated (less expensive) foam mattress topper

“For the first time in I can’t say how many years, I was able to sleep flat on my back without moving all night,” writes one reviewer, who still sleeps on a “20 year old Stearns & Foster mattress” and wanted an “inexpensive fix” before doing a full mattress upgrade. Many others say this inexpensive mattress topper is a great solution for sprucing up uncomfortable dorm mattresses. “If you’re still ‘sleeping’ on that twin-size piece-of-garbage dorm-room mattress and you don’t have a $30 foam mattress topper, what are you doing with your life?” asks one reviewer. And while at 1.5 inches thick, this mattress is slightly thinner than some other options on Amazon, it still provides plenty of support. “The 1.5 inch is perfect because it’s light and you don’t sink too far into the foam. Friends rave about how comfortable the bed is,” one five-star reviewer reports. As far as the “green-tea extract” is concerned, some purchasers say it adds a nice, “relaxing” smell, while others say you wouldn’t know it’s there. Still, as one puts it, “it doesn’t [smell like green tea], but it’s very comfortable and affordable, which is equally as good.”

Best two-inch memory-foam mattress topper

Reviewers agreed that the density and support this two-inch memory foam mattress topper provided was impressive. “It’s a comfortable medium thickness and density — I don’t wake up with aches and pains, but I don’t struggle to change positions or move around like I do with a three-to-four inch pad,” says one reviewer, who adds, “I’ve had one-to-two inch pads that were less dense — They didn’t do enough to improve comfort, but superthick pads usually left me too hot and too immobilized. At a three-pound density, this two-inch pad gives me the right level of support and comfort.” A second reviewer, who struggles with back pain, writes that this mattress topper helped them resolve some longstanding issues with their current mattress: “We used to have a four-inch memory-foam topper and it hurt my back (sensitive due to car accidents in the past). We ultimately went with this topper (two inches), and it was just right. His back pain has started to subside and mine has yet to come back.”

Best breathable two-inch memory-foam mattress topper


Reviewers raved about this mattress topper’s ventilated open-cell memory foam, which increases airflow and keeps sleepers cool through the night. “I love this mattress topper. It makes my bed so comfortable and I sleep so much better. It also doesn’t get hot and breathes well,” says one reviewer. Another writes that while they were “worried about it being hot, it’s not” and that it “has really improved my sleep. I truly recommend for the price.” Another simply says: “Fits good. Does not hold heat. Would buy again.”

Best two-inch memory-foam mattress topper with bamboo cover

Reviewers loved the overall comfort and support this mattress topper provided, specifically praising the breathable gel and removable bamboo cover. One reviewer dubbed this mattress topper, “the best memory-foam topper I’ve ever had.” They explain, “The extra bamboo cover is what really makes this memory-foam topper stand apart from the rest. When washing the sheets, it’s nice to sit/sleep on without having to feel irritated with the feel of typical memory foam.” A second writes, “This new topper has been an improvement over the old one in that the infused gel makes it much cooler and more supportive. Also, the bamboo cover makes it more breathable and comfortable, and it can be removed to be washed, which I couldn’t do with an average topper.” Another reviewer sums it up like this: “The memory foam is durable and lightweight. The bamboo cover is silky, soft, and comfortable. In terms of therapeutic advantages, I have arthritis and inflammation in most of my joints due to Crohn’s Disease. This pad makes my body feel like it is suspended freely. My sleep quality has improved, but more importantly, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel achy and sore.”

Best three-inch memory-foam mattress topper

This mattress topper received top marks from customers with back and joint pain due to the thicker, three-inch foam. One reviewer with rotator cuff injuries writes, “The first night I used this Red Nomad topper, I was not awakened as usual by pain in my shoulders and slept comfortably. The topper provides more give and relief of the pressure points that were causing pain.” Another writes, “I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I live in pain. I was waking up with pain in my hips, lower back, and knees. The good news: not with this pad! ” A third reviewer, who describes themselves as a “hot sleeper with some arthritis,” explains, “It is the best-priced topper I could find. I’m not neglecting the fact that it is very comfortable. I’d classify the Red Nomad is medium to firm (ish).” They also appreciate that, “Aches and pains have faded away, my wallet still has some money in it, and my house doesn’t smell like memory foam mattress topper.”

Best three-inch memory-foam mattress topper with removable cover