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Jersey sheets may conjure memories of college dorm-room living, but they’re a great option if you’re looking for a cozy sleeping experience — especially in the dead of winter. I’ve tried a lot of sheets, and ones made of jersey are in a category of their own. The best jersey sheets feel like sleeping in your favorite T-shirt: warm, comfortable, and broken in. They’re not crisp to the touch like percale, and they aren’t shiny like sateen, both of which may feel too formal — even clinical — for some. Instead, because the fabric is knit, jersey sheets are soft, smooth, and stretchy. They’re also low maintenance, never wrinkle, and fit your mattress like a glove, making them great for the busiest among us. As Heather Goerzen, Havenly director of content and design puts it, they “give your bed scene a lived-in and loved-well appeal.” To help you find the best jersey sheets (and perhaps convince you that they are anything but a juvenile choice reserved for undergrads), I tested options at home myself and also spoke with interior designers and jersey-sheet enthusiasts. All prices listed are for queen-size sheets unless noted otherwise.

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“Jersey is knit — rather than woven like most fabrics — meaning that the threads are continuously looped to provide a soft fabric,” explains David Rubin, a certified sleep science coach and director of product testing at the Sleep Doctor. It’s usually made from cotton, with polyester or spandex added in for extra stretch, but it can also be made from synthetics as well as wool. The tight knit can make the sheets warmer, so if you’re worried about overheating, opt for a 100 percent cotton makeup, which tends to be breathable regardless of the knitting process. Rubin notes that because of how it’s made, “jersey can deteriorate more quickly than other fabrics,” so he recommends spending “a little extra to get more life out of your sheets.”


Our experts went back and forth on how breathable jersey sheets can be. Most mentioned that compared to other materials — namely, linen and woven cotton — jersey will feel much warmer. “I’m a ‘hot’ sleeper and they make me sweat,” candidly says interior designer Elizabeth Strianese of her namesake design studio. Malik Logan, principal designer for the Tailored Interiors, adds that they work well for those in colder climates because “they are much more comfortable when it comes to keeping you warm,” almost like flannel, he says. Rubin thinks jersey sheets will benefit sleepers who tend to sleep cool. “Just like a jersey T-shirt, they can also cling to you more, which will make them feel cozier in cool temperatures, but could be uncomfortable in a warm environment,” says Rubin. But Logan thinks that just because they’re warm doesn’t mean they can’t be breathable. I note which ones were mentioned as being particularly breathable to save you the trial and error process.

Size range

Because jersey sheets are a popular option for college students, many sets come in twin XL, meaning they are 4-5 inches longer than a standard twin size. I made sure to note those that offer twin XL, so you won’t fall in love with a set that won’t fit.

Best jersey sheets overall

Material: Oeko-Tex-certified cotton | Breathability: Yes | Size range: Twin/Twin XL to King

After a commenter alerted us to the Company Store’s jersey sheets — “I’ve been getting them for years and really love them” — I had to try a set for myself. The first thing I noticed was just how nice they were. They felt so soft, smooth, and stretchy — but not too stretchy. That last feature was actually the most surprising. The sheets felt substantial and closer to regular cotton sheets than what I remembered jersey sheets were like in college (too thin and loose, pill-y), making them a great choice for someone who’s interested in trying jersey bedding for the first time. They have a nice hand feel and are just thick enough not to feel cheap and flimsy. Once I got into bed, my clothes definitely caught a little more on the sheets compared to sleeping in percale or sateen, but that’s the tradeoff you’ll have to make (and get used to) for having cozier sheets. I got them in canary yellow and was immediately cheered up by their bright hue and that they are available in 11 other colors that you don’t see elsewhere, like turquoise and lavender. The price is also quite attractive, with a queen costing $164. (They’re also a brand favorite, with nearly 500 positive reviews. I haven’t tried them in warmer weather, but reviewers rave about how comfortable they are, even in the summer.)

Best organic jersey sheets

Material: Organic cotton | Breathability: Yes | Size range: Twin/Twin XL to King

Coyuchi, which makes some of the Strategist’s favorite linen sheets, bath towels, and robes, also makes a fantastic set of jersey sheets. I first tried them in the summer in Los Angeles, and like the Company Store set, these were soft, smooth, cozy, and comfortable — but perhaps a tad bit stretchier. And they didn’t feel too hot at all (I am an average-temperature sleeper.) They’re made from GOTS- and Made Safe–certified (i.e., nontoxic) organic cotton and come in three neutral colors, so if you’re looking for something organic, I would recommend these. Goerzen is a fan of these herself: “It’s all the coziness and comfort of jersey sheets but with a higher quality construction that makes them more breathable.” Nancy Davilman of ND Interiors, who calls them “incredibly soft,” agrees that they are “very breathable,” allowing you to “keep your temperature very balanced.” You won’t overheat in them, even if you tend to be a sweaty sleeper. They are on the pricier side, but the high-quality material ensures that they will hold up well over time (even through many washes), are resistant to pilling, and are guaranteed to be comfortable right away. Just note that stock is limited at the moment in all colors.

Best (less expensive) organic jersey sheets

Material: Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton | Breathability: Yes | Size range: Full to Cal. King

The Coyuchi sheets are organic cotton too, but for a smidge less money, you could opt for this West Elm set that Logan calls “amazing quality.” They’re Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX Certified, which means they’re tested (and clear of) over 350 potentially harmful substances. Logan thinks they “truly feel like you’re sleeping on cloud nine — so supple and soft to the touch.” Sizes start at full and come in four colors, all of which are in stock.

Best heathered jersey sheets

Material: Certified organic cotton | Breathability: Yes | Size range: Twin/Twin XL to King

Heathered jersey truly gives you that broken-in T-shirt look and feel. Other sets feature heathered gray options, but few come in blues and greens — even heathered stripes — like this set from Pottery Barn Teen. Nancy Charbonneau, the principal designer at Charbonneau Interiors, bought her daughter jersey sheets when she went to college because that way, “the maintenance and upkeep of her bed could be one thing she didn’t have to worry about,” she says. They will make a less than comfortable mattress in a dorm room feel much more cozy. Charbonneau also appreciates that the sheets are sustainably made — they’re both GOTS- and Fair Trade- certified — and free from any harmful chemicals.

Best jersey sheets for college students

Material: Cotton and polyester blend | Breathability: No | Size range: Twin/Twin XL to Cal. King

And if you happen to actually be a college student looking for inexpensive jersey sheets, former Strategist writer Chloe Anello told us that “most everyone I knew in college owned these sheets from Target (including me).” The ubiquitous set comes in twin XL size and seven colors to match your comforter. “For the price, they didn’t pill quite as quickly as one would expect, and they’re easy to maintain — basically, any bargain detergent and outdated washing machines and dryers in your dorm won’t destroy them,” she says. Plus, they actually have a stamp of approval from Logan, who calls them “super soft.” The blend of cotton and recycled polyester makes them stretchy and durable, allowing you to quickly make your bed and push the time between washes. While Anello admits they aren’t necessarily breathable because of the added polyester, “I went to school in Syracuse, New York, so that was a pro for me,” she says.

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Our experts

• Chloe Anello, former Strategist writer
• Nancy Charbonneau, principal designer at Charbonneau Interiors
• Nancy Davilman, principal designer of ND Interiors
• Heather Goerzen, Havenly director of content and design
• Malik Logan, principal designer for The Tailored Interiors
David Rubin, director of product testing at the Sleep Doctor
Elizabeth Strianese, principal designer at Elizabeth Strianese Interiors

Additional reporting by Chloe Anello.

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The 5 Very Best Jersey Sheets