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What Model Georgia May Jagger Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy Wrangler

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hairspray and the electric toothbrush. We asked model Georgia May Jagger — who is the face of Wrangler’s spring/summer 2021 collection — about the fabric dye, boots, and red lipstick she can’t live without.

My family has been tie-dyeing for years. I grew up doing it. You know when you put something red in the white wash by accident and it dyes everything pink? My mom always did stuff like that. But instead of getting rid of things when that happened, we would just tie-dye them. I’m pretty good at tie-dye, but my mom is really good. It’s really fun and I got back into it during quarantine. I’m obsessed with this Dylon stuff. You can buy a kit if you’re a beginner or you can buy individual colors. I like to take an old spray bottle, clean it out, put the dye in there, and kind of spray it on. I’ve tie-dyed bits of chiffon to make scarves, T-shirts, and I recently dyed a rug. It was white and kind of looking a little worse for wear, so I dyed it purple.

I basically live in two pairs of Doc Martens and the Jadon Max is one of them. They have a thick sole that makes me feel taller and also like I mean business. I always wear them on a plane because otherwise they’ll be the heaviest thing in my suitcase.

I grew up having Sunday family lunches and lots of family meals, so making time to cook for loved ones has always been important to me. I’m not into having a million gadgets — if you have a Dutch oven, a frying pan, and a knife, I don’t think you really need much else in your kitchen. Le Creuset’s Dutch ovens are expensive, but I’ve had mine since I moved out on my own at 18. It has been 11 years now and it still looks brand-new. It’s so multipurpose: I’ll make a shepherd’s pie in mine or use it to slow-cook stews. My favorite thing to make in it is roast chicken with gravy and a lot of garlic. After I have that for dinner, I’ll make chicken soup in the Dutch oven with all the leftovers. It helps me stretch my food so I don’t waste anything. My mom has one, too — she bakes her sourdough in it. You don’t need a fancy bread oven or anything like that, you just need a Dutch oven.

I’ve always been really bad at taking vitamins. Some people, especially people in L.A., are really obsessed with them. It’s a whole thing out here: Everyone has a big routine with a million different supplements and whatnot. But I find that really difficult. My sister put me on to Smarty Pants after she started taking its prenatal vitamins when she was pregnant. I take these chewable multivitamins. The formula is woman-specific and the vitamins taste like candy. They kind of remind me of the Flintstones chewable vitamins I had when I was a kid. I actually look forward to taking them.

My whole skin-care routine probably takes about ten minutes. While I love trying new beauty products and experimenting with different things, I’ve really stuck with this serum. It’s probably one of the only products in my routine that isn’t completely natural, but I still love it. I have really dry skin, but I also get a few pimples from time to time, and this really balances my skin out. My friend Suki Waterhouse actually put me on to it — she’s also always researching skin care, so we like to send each other what we’re using.

Red lipstick is kind of a thing in my family — I’ve always worn it and my mom and sister have, too. When I was a teenager and first wanted to wear makeup, I gravitated toward red lipstick the most. M.A.C in Lady Danger is a staple for me. It’s a brighter red with an orange hue. I feel more ready-to-go or dressed-up when I wear it.

I wear tank tops with everything; they’re my go-to top when I’m not sure what to wear. I have two of these Helmut Lang cutout ones because I’m obsessed with this specific style. The design makes the top a bit different from your basic tank — it feels a bit elevated. I always think of it as a dressier top that I can still wear at any time, even though it’s pretty simple. The fabric is really nice, too.

Like with other beauty products, I love trying out different lip balms, but I always go back to this one. It’s amazing, really natural, and has SPF in it. I feel like most people often forget to put SPF on their lips. I always get burnt around the edges of my mouth. It’s a nightmare and really irritating, which is why I buy several of these at a time and keep them everywhere. I’ve given tubes to people as gifts, too, and everyone whom I’ve given it to always tells me they are just as obsessed with it.

I have three dogs: two papillons and a rescue dog that’s a mixed breed. They’ve tried loads of different foods and this is their favorite. It’s freeze-dried raw food that basically comes in these little nuggets. You just have to add warm water and let it sit; the warm water breaks the nuggets up. It’s easy to travel with because you don’t have to refrigerate the food. My dogs are so picky and spoiled, but they love this. They go straight to their bowl and eat it all up in a couple of minutes. It’s expensive for dog food, but I want my dogs to eat as good as me. My mom and my sister use it for their dogs, too — we all have lots of dogs.

I always have a camera on me. I actually went to photography school for a bit when I was younger and all my siblings are really into photography, too. My dad was really obsessed with documenting our whole childhood, so maybe we got it from him? I experiment with different films, but I really like Ilford’s black-and-white film. It was always the film that came recommended to me by professional photographers and at photo stores. Lately I’ve been using it in my Contax TVS III camera.

Photo: retailer

This book came out last year, but I’ve been obsessed with David Attenborough my whole life. I really, really look up to him. I try to be ecoconscious. I try not to use plastic. I learned so much from this book — his words really stuck with me. He talks a lot about how we’re going to shift into this new chapter of renewable energy so that we can make sure nature and wildlife exist in the future, and the changes we need to make in our lives.

I’d call my style “glamorous tomboy.” While I like to get dressed up and wear lipstick all the time, I mainly live in boots, jeans, and leather jackets. I’ve been wearing Wrangler jeans my whole life. My mom is one of five sisters and from Texas. They used to always wear Wrangler men’s jeans in the ’70s because they were the most high-waisted and the tightest. My aunt would perform in rodeos in Wrangler jeans. They’re made well and so comfortable. My favorite style is this pair of bootcut jeans because they’re high-waisted and have that classic Wrangler look that I love.

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What Model Georgia May Jagger Can’t Live Without