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I Found Phoebe Bridgers’s (and Gracie Abrams’s and Diana Silvers’s) Rocket-Ship Bedsheets

Photo: The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

I first saw them three years ago, on Phoebe Bridgers’s bed. If you do just a cursory scroll of her Instagram, you can find little peeks of them throughout her feed — wrapped around her and her dog, underneath vinyl and more vinyl, behind a magazine cover, and paired with a Gucci dress. In a more formal setting, they even served as the background for her bedroom performance of “Kyoto” for The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Now, I’m not one for patterned sheet sets — and certainly not the ones you’d find on an 8-year-old’s bunk bed — but there was something so decidedly tasteful about Phoebe Bridgers’s planetary duvet cover with matching shams. The design looks straight out of the Space Age, with retro red-and-blue rocket ships sailing through a cotton universe, surrounded by tiny twinkling stars and sketches of blue planets. I not only wanted them for myself, I wanted to know where — IKEA could never! — such a particularly pleasing design could have come from.

I checked Reddit threads, Twitter fan accounts, and spent hours on Google, hunting for “space bedding” and all related search terms, to no avail. (I did, however, find an old photo of Bridgers using a nearly identical sheet set in the early aughts — though this, too, proved a dead end.) And then, as if it were a sign from the OEKO-TEX-certified universe, I noticed the sheets pop up on Booksmart actor Diana Silvers’s Instagram. The post has since been deleted, or disappeared, but Silvers’s boyfriend, Dominic Fike, posted a picture with them, too. My first thought was: They’re still available! which was quickly followed by my second: But where?

Months passed, and I’d all but given up until singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams posted a photo of herself in bed. She was bundled in that very same sheet set, swaddled in their familiar celestial embrace. It was then that I started to wonder if this sheet set was some kind of cosmic joke that all three were in on. Were they passing it back and forth, like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sheets? Did they all get drunk together one night and order them, custom made, from a grandmother in Europe? Are they part of a three-person group text titled “Holy Sheet”?

And then, on an otherwise uneventful day earlier this month, Diana Silvers wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “Whenever i think about switching my duvet cover i remember @phoebe_bridgers and @gracieabrams have the same one and i can’t bring myself to do it.” It was then that the stars aligned: Not only did the tweet offer undeniable proof, it also provided the opportunity for one fan to reveal in a reply that they, too, owned the duvet cover — and where it could be found.

The duvet cover, two-piece sheet set and matching pillowcases are available in sizes twin to queen and can be purchased from Garnet Hill. (Which, I thought, Of course. They make some of our favorite tasteful holiday decor and sturdy bath towels.) I’ve inspected the pattern up-close, and I can assure you, without an eclipse of doubt, that it’s the same set. It’ll set you back a reasonable $99, and according to the site, it’s made from machine-washable cotton flannel, and the stars glow in the dark, a detail that makes them all the more kitschy and incredible. While the set’s popularity among these three remains a mystery, I can now rest easy at night knowing where — on Earth! — such stylish sheets can be found, and you can rest easy at night knowing that you’re sleeping beneath (or rather, among) three of L.A.’s brightest stars.

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I Found Phoebe Bridgers’s Rocket-Ship Bedsheets