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The Best Door Draft Stoppers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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If the insulation in your home isn’t up to par, a door draft stopper is an easy, affordable solution. Not only will one block chilly drafts from coming in, it can also help reduce unwanted smells and sounds. So while we’ve written about lots of ways to improve your home — including the best home upgrades for under $100, the best cheap but expensive-looking décor, and the best plugs for turning your home into a smart house — here we’ve rounded up the best door draft stoppers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated (and least expensive) door draft stopper

Suptikes Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal

Nearly 24,000 reviewers give this door draft stopper five-star reviews, with many calling it a “must-have,” because it securely adheres to doors and keeps out the cold or heat. It’s such a good fit that it also blocks out unwanted light and noise. “I was skeptical about it’s stability and durability,” writes one shopper who stuck this to their hollowed out wood door. “Now here it is, a month later and it’s still there…Great product!” Another reviewer writes, “Strong, Durable and easy to install…I immediately noticed a difference in the temperature in the room, keeping cold air in during hot summer days.” Shoppers also said this stopper kept out bugs. “I have a sticky trap for bugs under my desk. In a months time it is usually full,” writes one. “Well, I got this [stopper], put a new sticky trap down and there wasn’t one bug in it after a full month…IT WORKS.” And the low price was a draw for shoppers, as well. “Good item for the price and very easy to install,” writes one reviewer. Another says, “Easy installation, great draft protection, reasonable price. Simple yet effective.”

Best fabric door draft stopper

MAGZO Door-Draft Stopper

Those who prefer a fabric door stopper to a plastic one said that this one was “excellent quality” and that the fabric was “much nicer” than they had expected. “It is heavy, keeps the draft out and is attractive at the same time,” writes one shopper. Another says, “Attractive brown fabric. Practically fell into place along the lower edge of my front door which was allowing winter’s cold wind to pass. Highly recommended.” Shoppers also found that this stopper worked particularly well for cutting out unwanted noise. “This is a very well made product it is a little heavy which keeps noise out,” writes one. Another reviewer, who suffers from chronic migraines, said that this helped muffle the noise of other people in their house. “I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric they used to make this item, much nicer than I expected,” they write. “It does work to keep noise down. I’m very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who asks.”

Best Velcro door draft stopper

Maxtid Door Draft Stopper

This door stopper attaches with a Velcro strip, which “allows for slight adjustments,” according to one reviewer who says it was “super easy to install.” They add that it “works really well. It keeps airflow under the door to a minimum, so smells and sounds stay where they belong!” Another reviewer calls it a “very simple and effective fix for my drafty front door” because the adhesive is “excellent and the Velcro allows me to pull it off and adjust or clean it.” And a third reviewer who uses this on their back door says it was an easy solution for their three problems: drafts, bugs, and rainwater. They installed theirs before a thunderstorm and “immediately noticed that the draft that always came through the huge gap under the door was gone,” they write. “My husband even looked up from what he was reading and said, ‘Wow, it just got a lot quieter!’ We also didn’t get any rain coming through under the door after installing it.”

Best two-pack of door draft stoppers

$30 for 2

Reviewers who want to secure multiple areas in their home appreciate that these door stoppers come in a two pack. One reviewer who uses the “attractive, nicely weighted door draft stoppers” on their window sill and door writes, “They work perfectly to keep cold air out! They’re just what I was looking for to do the job, and they were easy to place and use.” Another reviewer has them placed “all over our house” because they “have added another level of protection. We really notice the difference having them at every door and love that our house stays so much warmer in winter.” And a third reviewer, who initially purchased six of these door draft stoppers, “liked them so much, I ordered eight more. They are weighted and insulated but lightweight. They keep the cold and wind out around doors real good.”

Best magnetic door draft stopper

Evelots Magnetic Draft Stopper

This Evelots model is made with one magnetic side, so that you can easily attach it to metal doors. Reviewers are impressed by how effective it is at blocking drafts. One reviewer goes so far as to call it an “ingenious” product because it “allows a tight seal for those cold New England days,” “perfectly fits the length of my front exterior door,” and “always stays in place.” Other reviewers appreciate just how strong the magnet is, including one who says even after opening and closing their garage door “rapidly,” they “couldn’t get the draft stopper to budge!” And another happy reviewer writes, “It has stayed in place since putting it on the door a few weeks ago, and we open and close this door at least six times a day.”

Best extra long door draft stopper

Home District Door Draft Stopper

This Home District draft stopper is the longest on the list — about 71 inches long — meaning it’s the ideal length for double and sliding doors. One reviewer, who purchased this for their mom’s home, writes, “She is thrilled with its effectiveness in keeping the draft away from the area off of the sliding patio doors. It stays in place, and it doesn’t get in the way of the closing blinds which are hanging down on the sliding doors.” Another reviewer says it’s more “classy and effective” than the alternative solution of using “large towels in front of the doors. These fit perfectly on our three patio doors and it’s double wide where it should be,” they write. And a third reviewer, who lives in Wisconsin, says “this draft dodger has worked great — no cold drafts felt along the floor,” even through “some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the last month.”

Best brown and black door draft stopper

Those who are looking for a draft stopper to match doors in darker shades were satisfied with this option, which comes in black and brown. “This is the best product to close the gap under your door,” writes one shopper. “It took me two minutes to install. It blends with my decor and colors.” And other reviewers said it fit in with their decor, as well. “Great product, works well, looks great and blends in nicely with the rest of the trim in the room,” writes one. Another says, “I was surprised by how well this draft stopper works. I honestly can’t feel any cold air coming in under our back door, and it blends in enough that it’s not noticeable or distracting.” Others reported that this draft stopper was sturdy and reliable. One says, “Rubber is sturdy and thick. The adhesive strip alone holds really well on the door and adding the tacks secured the strip even more.” Another writes, “There is a little drag when I open the door; I was really worried that it would cause the strip to loosen and fall off, but it hasn’t — that’s how strong the adhesive is.”

Best door draft stopper for kids’ rooms

Evelots Dog Draft Stopper

This stopper — which comes in the shape of a dog or cat— is clearly playful, but reviewers say it actually works. One reviewer writes, “Not only is it cute, it’s very effective at stopping the draft that comes through my back door.” Another reviewer, who uses this for their daughter’s bedroom door, writes, “She loves having ‘skinny cat’ outside her bedroom door!” They add that it keeps drafts out and “muffles noise to avoid accidental wake-ups due to noise in the hallway.” And while plenty of reviewers use this for kids’ rooms, others like the delightful stopper for around their home. “This is so cute and a wonderful novelty and conversation piece,” writes a third reviewer. “It’s beautifully made and very solid with very soft plush ‘fur.’ And it’s a good weight for stopping drafts.”

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The Best Door Draft Stoppers on Amazon, According to Reviews