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The 6 Face Mists I Use for Clear, Glowy, Happy Skin

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Face mists are one of the most underappreciated beauty products out there. Often written off as just water with good marketing, most consumers are pretty skeptical of them. I was, too, until I bought my first face mist during a fit of impulsivity at the Sephora checkout line. It didn’t take me long to see the clarifying, hydrating, and brightening effects it had on my skin.

But like every other beauty product out there, it’s important to read the description and instructions to understand exactly how to incorporate the mist into your routine, for maximum results. This brings me to my first point about face mists: They don’t all serve the same purpose. I have a few mists, and they all do different things in my skin-care routine: Some set my makeup, some act as a post-cleansing toner, some are just a boost for when I don’t have time to go home and freshen up, and others help treat breakouts. Consider this my manual on how to find the best mist for you.

There’s no talking mists without first discussing this iconic, makeup-artist staple from M.A.C. Whether you’re just wearing some spot concealer, or a full face of makeup with contour, this spray will allow the makeup to melt into the skin and provide that lovely, seamless effect you want, plus a gorgeous glow.

This spray is a bit too light to use as a straight-up toner, but for those who have problem skin, this pH-balanced, PHA-infused spray is perfect for a 3 p.m. skin refresh to hydrate and get rid of some acne-causing bacteria. You know I love anything by Cosrx, so it’s no surprise this is another all-star product.

This mist from Tula, one of my favorite Dermstore brands, is super hydrating as well as anti-inflammatory — a perfect, gentle way to combat irritated, problem-prone skin. I like using this throughout the day when my skin is feeling itchy and dry or when the AC is too intense at the office.

I wouldn’t exactly carry this mist in my purse to use throughout the day, but I love spraying it on clean skin on mornings when I’m really suffering a bad breakout. Even though it’s suggested for oily skin, I follow this up with a very rich moisturizer (think Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer) and it helps so much with soothing redness and inflammation.

There is no product that will snatch your skin and give you the most natural, dewy, angelic glow quite like this Tatcha Dew Mist. It’s just heaven in a bottle. You can use this to set your makeup, but it’s pricey and that feels like a waste. I basically have so much faith in it that I use it in lieu of foundation makeup — I carry a tiny bottle around with me, and if I don’t have time to go home and touch up my makeup, I’ll just spritz my face with this. I’ve been asked twice what face makeup I’m wearing after spraying this.

I really love this mist for days when my skin is just looking bleh. This instantly makes my skin look brighter, dewier, and cleaner.

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The 6 Face Mists I Use for Clear, Glowy, Happy Skin