cyber monday

Lots of Strategist-Approved Pet Gear Is Up to 60 Percent Off at Chewy for Cyber Week

Photo: Courtesy Retailer

We love our pets, but keeping them fed and healthy and happy can also be an insanely expensive undertaking. But since we can’t not spoil them, sales on pet things are ideal. Thankfully, Chewy is offering up to 60 percent off for Cyber Monday. The discount is automatically taken at checkout, with deals ranging from 15 percent to 60 percent, and there’s a bunch of Strategist-approved pet gear available, including lots of the things our writers and editors give their own animals. So whether you’re looking to stock up on essentials like food and litter or splurge on some new toys and accessories, now is the time to buy.

A cool-looking horizontal scratcher that senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson keeps by the window so her cat can also perch on top to gaze outside longingly.

A sturdy-looking dog crate with a single door that also folds down, for when you don’t really need it.

This cat litter is long-lasting, produces minimal dust, and doesn’t set off allergies, which is why it comes highly recommended by two feline experts.

Covered litter boxes are better at containing messes and odors, and top-entry litter boxes, like this one, totally hide any clumps from sight. This one is a favorite with vets, thanks to its fairly sleek design.