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The Best Face Mask Cases (That Are Actually Worth Buying)

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Over the last ten months, we’ve written a lot about fabric face masks, including the best options for (almost) everyone, as well as accessories to go with them. In addition to mask frames, hooks to hang masks on at home, and stylish mask chains, a mask case is another accessory that’s actually worth investing in. (After all, our mask days aren’t exactly numbered.) Think of these as on-the-go storage for your reusable face mask or your back-up supply of disposable ones. It certainly beats floating around in your purse or pocket (or, worse, on the table of your favorite outdoor dining establishment), where cross-contamination risks abound. “We know that a clean dry mask does the best job of filtering particles,” says Strategist writer Liza Corsillo, who’s been reporting on masks since the beginning of the pandemic. “So if you carry a backup mask, it’s more likely to stay clean and dry if it’s in a case within your bag. Also, experts recommend not touching the front-center of your masks and say you should take it off using the straps. Putting a used mask in its case after you take it off will help you not accidentally touch the parts that have been exposed.”

Even at home, mask cases can be useful, especially for those with roommates. “If you live with other people, it’s important to keep track of which mask belongs to which person,” Corsillo adds. “This is especially important when you live with roommates who might be socializing outside your bubble.” And while you might think that any container or pouch you have on hand will do, these cases are designed to specifically fit the shape of a mask, which will ensure that it stays secure. Below, the best options out there to fit your needs.

From the makers of one of our favorite fabric face masks, this water-resistant nylon and vegan leather pouch is described as “light as air,” so it won’t weigh down your already stuffed-to-the-brim tote. It can fit up to ten masks and has a dedicated pocket for filters should you find yourself in a situation where you need more protection. And just like the brand’s masks, these cases come in a variety of pleasant colors and are machine washable.

This wearable mask bag is ideal for those who like to leave the house without a purse or tote. It comes in three colors, including this eye-catching neon, and has a zipper closure so you don’t have to worry about any particles getting in or your mask falling out. (This is a good option for those who find themselves on maskless hikes or runs, too.)

This sleek case is from the kitchenware brand GIR, which pivoted to making silicone masks for essential workers in 2020. It comes with two compartments: one with a flexible silicone intended to store your mask, and a hard side that could be used for filters or a dirty mask. This case also has the ability to latch on with a carabiner or hook for on-the-go storage, and you can buy a matching silicone mask.

For something even more discrete, there’s this nice-looking pouch that’s 100 percent silk charmeuse and machine washable. The brand also makes silk charmeuse masks — and even dresses — if you’d like to color-coordinate, and if we ever live in a world where masks are obsolete, you’ll also have no trouble repurposing this stylish little sack.

This set of two pouches — one for clean masks, and one for dirty masks — has been treated with ViralOff, an antimicrobial treatment that’s said to protect products from contamination.

From One Less Case, a mask-storage company that launched in August of last year, this silicone face mask can accommodate up to two face masks of any size. The teardrop makes it good for an N95 (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those), and there’s plenty of room to fold up a rectangular mask as well. There’s a loop at the top, so you can handily clip it to your backpack or key chain. And because it’s made from food-grade silicone, the case itself can also be sanitized by tossing it in boiling water for three minutes.

Or if you’re looking for a place to store your entire supply of masks, One Less Case also makes plastic rectangular cases that can hold up to ten disposable or four fabric face masks.

While Amazon has no shortage of face-mask cases, this pastel-hued set is one of the best reviewed. They’re about the size of a billfold — which does mean you’ll have to fold your mask in half for it to fit — but, as one reviewer points out, that also means it’s “small enough to fit in a ladies purse.” Others say this case both works well and is aesthetically pleasing, and at just $6, it’s also the cheapest set on this list.

Another well-rated Amazon case, this one admittedly looks like wipe storage for a diaper bag, but more than 70 percent of reviewers gave it five stars. “Best case I found for keeping your mask clean and ready to use,” writes one reviewer. “I use this every day now, and it travels with me everywhere I go. Slim design that feels nice in your hand but well built and fits multiple masks.” It can hold up to five disposable masks or one reusable cloth one.

Similar in aesthetics to the One Less Case pouch above, this well-reviewed set includes two durable silicone pouches. It handily fits N95 masks and is easy to sterilize (the brand suggests tossing it in boiling water).

Like Amazon, Etsy has seemingly endless options for face-mask cases. This one looks like any ol’ pencil pouch, but it’s actually made with the dimensions of a face mask in mind. Even better, it can be personalized to your specifications and, like many of the other cases on this list, it comes with a carabiner to attach to a backpack or bag.

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The Best Face Mask Cases (That Are Actually Worth Buying)