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Come Join Me in My Obsession With Colored Glass

Sadly, these glass bottles are not for sale. Photo: Merchant

I’m sorry, but the glass bottles pictured above aren’t for sale. I know this because I tried to buy them about two minutes after seeing this very picture pop up on my Instagram feed. They were designed by Sophie Lou Jacobsen for Furnishing Utopia so that users could replace all of their household cleaning products with the more sustainable and environmentally friendly homemade mix of baking soda, vinegar, and water and then store those solutions in these perfect bottles that no one would even mind leaving out for display. In fact, I would buy the bottles just to keep them out on display and then make the homemade cleaning products as an excuse for why I bought them Just imagine: no more Windex hiding under the kitchen sink, way more colored glass all over your countertop. Which is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: How can I get more colored glass, and where are all of the places I can display it around my home?

To me, it feels like the first baby steps from millennial minimalist to full on Margherita Missoni maximalism, which I don’t know if I’m ready for yet. But the idea is that if I get enough colored glass, I’ll eventually end up there. They also make great wedding gifts. There’s a ton of this stuff on eBay, at flea markets, and with vintage collectors (I recommend following @Casa_Shop on Instagram if you’re into that). Mansur Gavriel sells vintage Murano pieces at its stores now. But to keep things easy, I’ve decided to collect some of the best colored glass you can buy right now (or just stare at and covet) without having to scroll for hours on eBay.

Il Buco Vita imports these tumblers from Tuscany. And you know what’s the only thing better than colored glass? Colored glass with some texture.

For a cheaper alternative, Duralex is making glasses in bright pops of color.

One of the people who really got me into colored glass in the first place was British designer Tom Dixon, so of course I have to include his new Bump glasses, which are just lovely and also on-trend chubby.

I bought shot glasses just like these at a market in Mexico City. This picture isn’t that great, but the little specks of color pop out and add some texture. Everyone who takes shots with me tells me how much they love them.

Anna Karlin is famous for her bedside carafes. The tops come off and are meant to be used as cups.

Another twofer: Pull out the top and this becomes both a carafe and a vase. Or keep it together as a pretty objet.

I’m a big fan of Ichendorf, the Italian glassmaker, who gets it just right with color every time. If you’re not ready to go too crazy, dip your toes in the world of colored glass with this very affordable pitcher.

And if you are ready to go full crazy, I vote for the Tequila Sunrise jug.

This teapot is also from Tom Dixon’s aforementioned Bump collection. And how perfect is it?

If you’re more of a coffee person, here’s a glass double-walled pour-over filter that would look just great hanging out on the countertop.

Okay. This doesn’t really have “color,” but I’m including it here because of the pattern. And also because it’s my Holy Grail of decanters.

Colorful, but not bright, if you prefer your glass with a confetti pattern.