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The Email I Send to Brides Looking for Pre-Wedding Skin-Care Advice

Photo: Rio Viera-Newton

A few months ago, I received a series of frantic texts from a friend of mine who’d recently gotten engaged. She wanted me to tell her exactly what she should buy to begin to get her skin into shape for her wedding day. I, of course, responded with a psychotically long email explaining what products she should and shouldn’t use, what treatments she should get (and how often), and even what makeup artist to hire for the big day (Shayna Goldberg, always).

This was not the first nor last time I’ve written a long, specifically tailored response to a bride-to-be (whether that bride-to-be is a friend, a friend of a friend, or a perfect stranger who DM’d me on Instagram) looking for advice on how to get bright, glowy skin before their wedding day.

While each email is slightly different, I find that there are a few products that I always end up recommending to my skin-obsessed brides. Those products, plus my treatment advice, are listed below. (A note: Most brides that reach out to me ask for “splurge-worthy skin care,” so this list is on the pricey side. Look here for an article on some of my under-$30 skin-care favorites.)

Routine Order

Vitamin C Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Then I Met You’s Living Cleansing Balm and Dr. Loretta’s Hydrating Cleanser are two of my favorite cleansers in the entire world. Both are super gentle, hydrating, and brightening. The balm is better for taking off makeup and the hydrating cleanser is a bit more nourishing on the skin. I recommend using them together (balm first to take off makeup, then gentle cleanser to clean your skin).

Essences / Toner

These two products together are just so intensely plumping and hydrating and will make your skin so glowy — wedding skin in a bottle, in other words. After you wash your face, apply a few drops of the toner, then pat it into your skin (warning: It’s mildly exfoliating, so don’t use it with any other exfoliant). Then apply a few drops of the essence and pat that into your skin. Before weddings, you’re at a big risk of using too many products while trying to make your skin look perfect (over-exfoliating is the worst thing you could possibly do pre-wedding), but these are both incredibly gentle and insanely effective.


A really magical hyaluronic acid serum that’s so wonderful for deeply moisturizing your skin. It’s expensive, but genuinely so worth it if you can afford it. Apply this after the toner and essence above.

Photo: Courtesy the vendor

People all the time ask me, “Do I really have to use a vitamin C serum? I don’t see it doing anything!” Well, the answer is absolutely yes, you should be using a vitamin C serum daily — especially if you’re trying to get extra-bright skin for your wedding day. And for any skeptics, this serum is here to prove you wrong. It’s an extra-potent vitamin C serum (35 percent), and you just will notice a change in the brightness and overall radiance of your skin if you use it daily. This will help lift any dark marks or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (the spots left behind after zits), making sure you’re a clear, super-watt light bulb for your wedding day. If you’re sensitive to vitamin C, you might prefer something a little milder, like this serum from Klairs.


So this is like … the “It” cream right now. There’s tons of insane science behind it’s magical, skin-healing properties, and every celebrity in the world endorses it. It’s intensely thick and a tiny bit goes a long way — don’t overdo it. Just to be completely transparent, I know people who love it and I know people who don’t really like it (it can make you break out), but it’s the kind of thing where if it does work for you, it’s absolutely insanely game changing. Like take your skin to the next level vibe. If you have a while before your wedding I would maybe try it and see if it works for you because if it’s good, it’s really, really good.

This is my personal go-to moisturizer (and the one I’d use if you don’t want to spring for the Augustinus Bader). It’s really moisturizing but not greasy and heavy, and it’s really helped my skin a lot this winter.


Wear sunscreen every single day! On top of sun safety, there are so many anti-aging benefits and also can make sure your skin looks as bright as possible on your wedding day. This won’t break you out. Also it even protects you from BLUE LIGHT from your computer (!!!).

Face Masks

My favorite pre-event sheet mask ever. It fits wonderfully, feels great and cooling, and my skin just soaks up all the amazing plumping and hydrating treatment instantly. Do this on your wedding day. It’s so brightening and hydrating and makeup goes over it perfectly.

This is one of my favorite fixer-upper masks when I’m dealing with breakouts or when my skin just generally looks all-around bad. This is kind of a DIY situation — the mask comes as a powder and you mix it with equal parts water (in a cup or in your hand if you’re lazy) to create this black charcoal mask. Throw it on, hang out, then hop in the shower (I find it’s the easiest way to wash it off without making a complete mess). My skin looks glowy, less red and irritated, and ultrasmooth afterward. Use this one about every two weeks leading up to the wedding if you have dry or sensitive skin (once a week if you have oily skin).